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Set, analyze, and adjust individual and team quotas to motivate sellers and increase their agility. Oracle Sales Planning has the data-driven tools needed to take a top- down or bottom- up approach to quota planning and use predictive analytics to improve modeling and identify optimal territory assignments.

Sales planning and forecasting
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Sales quota planning

Use powerful, AI-driven predictive planning capabilities, flexible modeling, and analysis for data-driven quota plans that optimize market and sales territory coverage.

Predictive planning

Set quota targets based on predicted sales or historical actuals and modify them in anticipation of any known or possible risks. Adjustments can be made for products, accounts, and time/seasonality.

Flexible modeling

Use multidimensional and drillable what-if planning by territory, product, account, channel, seasonality, and more.

Built-in best practices

Leverage best-practice planning methodologies, such as top-down, bottom-up, or waterfall.


Calculate quotas that are right-sized and attainable by using connected finance data. Using historical actuals to drive the quota-planning process helps ensure optimal targets are set.

Prescriptive modules

Easily configurable prescriptive modules come with navigation, forms, dashboards and calculation business rules to meet the complexity, scale, and structure of your business.

Key account planning

Create better, more accurate forecasts, develop the right promotion strategies, foster collaboration, and run what-if scenarios with a data-driven sales and promotion planning tool.

Predictive baseline planning

Predict sales volumes and corresponding revenue based on statistical forecasting methods across customer segments, product groups, or channels. After estimating a base forecast, make incremental adjustments using building blocks for factors—price, product, or placement— that would affect additional sales or revenue. Do gap analyses between your sales targets and the baseline.

Promotion planning

Make data-driven promotion strategy decisions to get the most profitable sales. Add promotions and identify sales uplifts based on those promotions. Run various what-if scenarios by adding, removing, or reassigning different promotions to different products, Build best case or worst case scenarios.


Make the right planning decisions by reviewing trade spend summaries, ROI on uplifts, and customer profit and loss. View promoted and nonpromoted volume and revenue as well as analyses across key accounts, product groups, and sales territories.

Advanced sales forecasting

Sales and finance both need more reliable forecasts, along with accountability and improved collaboration between sales management and sales reps. Advanced sales forecasting capabilities use the data from the sales pipeline and financial actuals for more advanced statistical predictions, so you can deliver the most accurate forecasts possible weekly, monthly, or on a rolling basis.

Full-picture forecasts

Develop a more accurate and realistic forecast from ERP actuals alongside your CRM pipeline data—without the need for spreadsheets; offline, manual processes; or extra steps.

Powerful foundational sales planning platform

Easily switch on additional configurations, such as custom forms and dashboards, measures, dimensions, navigation flows, and Groovy business rules for custom calculations.

Detailed, actionable analytics and reporting

View current, future, and past forecasts. Compare the latest forecasting data with pipeline and won revenue metrics. View evolving forecast trends with detailed sales revenue models and what-if analysis so you can react quickly to meet your sales goals.

Connected and integrated

Offer your sales teams and sales management connected sales planning with integration between quota planning, incentive compensation planning, and sales forecasts.

Key benefits—sales planning in the cloud

01Use the Excel and PowerPoint interfaces you’re comfortable with

Use a Microsoft Office interface to access full predictive planning and forecasting capabilities, all from the easy familiarity of Excel, and add live data links to PowerPoint. Use real-time data, plan and forecast accurately, and eliminate version control issues.

02Remove the errors inherent in spreadsheet-driven sales planning

Get a realistic picture of what to expect with reliable, accurate forecasts. Set, analyze, and collaborate on quotas and promotion strategies. No more outdated information or version control issues.

03Provide quota plans on day one of your fiscal year

Create achievable quotas, build better territories, and align accounts so that your sales team is all set with the data they need. Connect key data sources across sales force automation, CRM, and finance (ERP, EPM) systems so that your quota plans are ready for the fiscal year.

04Improve sales effectiveness and get the most from your team

Motivate and retain top talent, adapt to unexpected market changes, and adjust quotas and territories to drive revenue.

05Improve sales efficiency and reduce errors

Stop chasing the wrong leads, identify risks before they become insurmountable, and identify potential, profitable new accounts.


Sales trends to keep up with in 2021: Advanced sales forecasting, connected sales planning, and performance management

Michelle Brusyo, Director, CX Outbound Product Management, Oracle

Many sales teams have been forced to reevaluate their processes for quota planning and management. To get a solid handle on how much has changed within the last year, our customers have increasingly turned to sales planning and sales performance management software. These solutions connect to your CRM and ERP for pipeline data and financial actuals, with built-in best practice methodologies for planning and analyzing territories and quotas.

Continue reading to learn what our sales force automation customers had to say about our solution.

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