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Oracle Digital Customer Service

Use conversational interfaces, a chatbot platform, and built-in intelligence to deliver innovative support experiences at the moment customers need help. Oracle Digital Customer Service provides customers with branded self-service capabilities in their preferred channels.

Oracle Digital Service product tour
Explore the product's features and capabilities
Blog: The future of customer service is digital-first service The future of customer service is digital-first service

See where today’s customer service stands and how we’re preparing to deliver digital-first experiences.

Blog: Exploring the power of predictive service Exploring the power of predictive customer service

Ease your customer’s frustrations by offering service that can predict problems before they happen.

The importance of offering unique service experiences The importance of offering unique service experiences

Keep pace with these changing consumer expectations by offering unique customer service experiences.

Explore Oracle Digital Customer Service

Oracle Digital Assistant

Offer the best possible support with multiple service touchpoints, actions, inputs, and selections to meet your customers’ needs in real time. Provide proactive service faster and more effectively with intelligent chat and decision automation solutions.

Customer self-service

Give your customers the fastest, most efficient self-service issue resolution—without engaging a contact center agent.

Robust intelligence

Free up customer service agents to handle escalated requests while delegating day-to-day task resolution to the digital assistant.

Automate service

Leverage the power of Oracle Digital Assistant, Intelligent Advisor, and Knowledge Management to create the perfect menu of digital options for better customer service experiences.

Digital assistant skills

Connect skills from across your company to resolve complex issues using chatbots focused on a range of tasks. Requests are automatically routed to the correct bot in the background, providing customers a seamless experience using one digital assistant.

“As an agent” routing

Gain a valuable addition to your agent pool and keep customers from having to repeat themselves. Oracle Digital Assistant automatically transfers escalated requests, including all relevant context and conversation history, to a live agent.

Proactive web inlays

Give your customers opportunities to chat with a service agent or search for answers in your knowledgebase while continuing to browse your website.

Proactive and ad hoc chats

Offer live chats based on either agent availability or specific customer-led scenarios.

Customer scenario-based chats

Offer customer-initiated syndicated chats when available or specific, customer-led scenarios happen.

Survey support

Provide a post-chat survey to collect valuable customer feedback.

Answer ranking

Let visitors find their own answers easily. Use Oracle Knowledge Management to make the 10 most popular answers to customer questions available so visitors can find their own answers.

Time spent on chat

Understand the amount of time a visitor spends on a chat—including the wait time ahead of chat initiation—to identify improvement opportunities.

Customers and service agents benefit from live chat

Help agents better serve customers through proactive, digital-first customer service experiences based on their previous activity. Improve your conversion rates and increase customer loyalty.

Convenient conversation routing

Chat routing, conferencing, seamless transfer, and supervisor monitoring.

Information at agents’ fingertips

Embedded knowledge management for quick access to relevant content and in-depth knowledge articles.

Easy-to-navigate dashboard

Live chat for Oracle B2C Service is a native part of the Oracle Service agent desktop and provides easy drag-and-drop administration.

Efficient escalation

Agents need just a single click to escalate to a video chat or cobrowse session.

Advanced video chat

Create better customer service engagements with a face-to-face video service that provides the right information, advice, and guidance.

Chat-to-video escalation

Allow agents to switch from a live chat to a two-way video chat with the customer’s consent.

Bidirectional video

Create face-to-face connections between the agent and the customer with two-way video streaming.

Unidirectional video

Adapt your interactions to the situation with one-way video streaming between the agent and the customer. Only one party can see the other.

Voice call

Activate instant web callback and connect agents by voice to begin interacting with customers within seconds.

Mobile support

Let customers using live chat on mobile devices switch to video chat without disconnecting from mobile.

Text-based and social messaging

Provide customers with the ability to connect to agents through SMS text and social messaging.

Social media support

Provide service at the point of need with flexible communication options on social medial channels, such as Facebook Messenger and WeChat.

Agent console integration

Effortlessly funnel messages into your agents’ consoles for that all-important 360-degree customer view.

Knowledge Management support

Quickly link customers to needed information by sharing knowledge articles and answers through chat.

Agent productivity

Boost customer service agent efficiency by providing automated support through SmartAssistant, comprehensive knowledgebase, and SmartText.

Context and history

Provide a continuous experience every time a customer interacts with you regarding the same topic, issue, or question. All context/history is retained so that customers avoid the frustration of repeating themselves each time they reach out. Customer service agents are able to respond through the customer’s preferred messaging channel.

Unified rule definition and management

Establish proactive business rules to engage—in real time—with website visitors. Capture visitor data and invoke complex actions while inserting content and triggering events throughout the entire engagement experience.

Multisite environment support

Create and edit an unlimited number of sites for testing and analysis or distinguish some as public-facing sites, based on specified criteria.

Rules editor

Unify rule definition and management into one scalable and responsive solution.

Associate rules with sites

Discover outdated content, learn which articles are most popular, and flag bottlenecks by tracking how knowledge is authored and published.

User dashboard

Display all rules and sites to quickly identify which rules are used on which sites and their current status.

A/B testing

See how individual changes to your website impact visitors’ behavior to improve your site design and user experiences.

Integrated and standalone cobrowse

Let service agents see customers’ screens in real time to resolve issues faster, increase revenue per call, and improve web and mobile customer experiences.

Device type flexibility

Screen share using any combination of web, mobile, or desktop. Work with all types of rich online media and dynamic content.

Customer privacy protection

Assure customer privacy. Customers have control over what agents can see and do during screen share sessions.

Customer control

Put customers in the driver’s seat. Let them maintain control and terminate the cobrowse session at any time.

Analytics, reporting, auditing

Monitor and report on cobrowse session duration and agent effectiveness with the flexibility to add reporting attributes from external data sources. Audit any management configuration changes made by administrators.

Context-driven, proactive customer engagement

Provide context throughout your customers’ journeys. With provisioned assistance capabilities, contact center agents can use various contextual and interactive tools—including voice, two-way video, screen sharing, and drawing/annotating—to resolve issues faster. Make it easy for your customers to connect with you. Integrate the solution into existing mobile and web applications for a seamless transfer to an agent, along with the information needed to support next-step actions and decisions.

Modern collaboration tools

Improve the service agent experience and team collaboration with a browser-based agent portal that offers shared inboxes, queues, and customer insight views.

Telephony-to-digital integration

Enhance telephone interactions with digital experiences, such as supplementing voice communication with visual content.

Contextual-based routing

Route digital channels with flexible, customer-context–driven rules and send customers to the best-skilled agent or collaborative team queue. Agents are presented with calls that display all customer context, such as customer details, device, operating system, location, path, or current page. This information can be combined with CRM and third-party data.

Integrated insights and analytics

Capture and analyze data across digital interaction points to better understand individual and team performance and customer engagement successes with integrated reporting and analytics.

Why choose Oracle Digital Customer Service?

01Deliver a comprehensive, connected, and consistent customer service experience

Proactively reach today’s customers to provide advice, information, or recommendations—all from a single platform.

See how we’re automating customer service

02Personalize each customer interaction

Provide a personal, authentic connection where all customer interactions are cohesive, genuine, and insightful.

Razer is interacting better with customers using chat and voice capabilities

03Lower your total cost of ownership with conversational AI

AI-powered digital assistants provide quick access to the right answers and handle routine inquiries—freeing customer service agents to focus on more complex issues.

Take a deep dive into customer service

04Deliver a new level of convenience to your customers

Be available to your customers, anytime, anywhere, and provide on-demand customer support through the channels of their choice.

See how Echo’s self-service tools increase call deflection rates

Exelon readies AI-driven chatbots for millions of customers

With the help of Oracle Digital Customer Service, Exelon launched an intelligent chatbot that reaches millions of their consumers across the east coast.

Oracle Digital Customer Service customer successes

View more customer successes

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May 11, 2022

Introducing Oracle Unity for Oracle B2C Service: The perfect combination for digital-first customer service

Carrie West, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Oracle Advertising and CX

We’re excited to share a new integration between Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform and Oracle B2C Service that allows your service organization to leverage insightful customer intelligence to effectively and efficiently offer the high-quality service your customers crave.

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