Protecting Future Generations

Protecting Future Generations

Natural disasters threaten lives. NIED trusts Oracle Cloud to secure data and share insights for building safer cities.

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Trust in Every Transfer

Trust in Every Transfer

Customers want quick, easy, and secure international transfers. Arab Jordan Investment Bank uses blockchain in Oracle Cloud to exceed customers’ expectations and stay ahead in the market.

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Why Businesses Put Trust in Oracle Cloud

Why Businesses Put Trust in Oracle Cloud

One look inside our magazine, Your Tomorrow Today, and you’ll see why so many innovative and forward-looking businesses trust Oracle Cloud to help solve tomorrow’s challenges, today.

Making Chocolate Production Slave Free

Making Chocolate Production Slave-Free

Tony’s Chocolonely is on a mission to make chocolate production 100 percent slave-free. Read how, through predictive technology, Oracle Cloud helps.

Oracle Announces Q3 Earnings

Oracle Q3 GAAP EPS Increases to $0.76, Non-GAAP EPS Up 8% to $0.87

Fusion HCM, ERP, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing Cloud applications revenue grows 32% total.

Autonomous Database for Dummies

Autonomous Database for Dummies

Find out how your Oracle Database can install, manage, secure, and upgrade itself. That’s all possible today, thanks to the power of machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and the cloud.

DBAs forecast future of database management
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