Cloud EPM Freeform

Drive better decisions with multidimensional analysis, planning, modeling, and reporting. Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Freeform delivers the familiar power and flexibility of Essbase with the scalability and governance of SaaS. If you can imagine it, you can build it.

Discover Oracle Cloud EPM Freeform.

Cloud EPM Freeform

Tailored planning and reporting applications

Made for business users

Make better decisions by creating tailored, connected planning and reporting solutions across a wide range of financial and operational use cases—with very little assistance from IT or consultants. Our flexible, next-generation SaaS platform improves visibility and insight into all aspects of your business.

Operational and financial planning

Purpose-built logic for operational planning enables large-scale, freeform, and ad-hoc modeling for operational planners. Financial planners can leverage models with built-in financial intelligence to gain greater insights for more efficient budgeting and forecasting

Unified reporting

Meet multiple internal and external reporting needs with unified reporting and centralized access across multiple EPM business processes and ERP systems.

Scalable and centralized management

Support and manage thousands of simultaneous users, all from one place. Within the Cloud EPM environment, users can also access modeling, reporting, and analytics tools to rapidly generate insights.

Reimagined Essbase and Excel-based models

Essbase and spreadsheet importing

Get started immediately by importing on-premises Essbase cubes and Excel models and share them on a secure, cloud-based platform.

Reimagined reporting and analytic applications

Don’t just migrate your models; take the opportunity to reimagine, design, and scale your reporting and analytic applications in the cloud and make them available to many more users.

Diverse set of built-in reporting tools

Take advantage of a diverse set of built-in reporting and analytics tools, including dashboards, web, and Excel-based Oracle Smart View for Office.

Advanced analysis and complex modeling

Analyze multiple data sources

Connect every part of your business with tailored reporting and planning solutions that can analyze many varied data sources from multiple ERP and EPM systems as well as sales, HR, and supply chain systems.

Complex business structure modeling

Get to the root of business challenges by drawing from unique datasets reflecting complex business structures, such as organization charts or product hierarchies featuring different parent-child hierarchies and levels.

Range of data analysis capabilities

Generate rapid and rigorous insights. Essbase, the leading multidimensional modeling engine, provides a range of data analysis capabilities, including what-if analyses, slice-and-dice scenarios, and prebuilt and custom calculations of KPIs and other key metrics.

Cloud EPM Freeform key benefits

Flexibly work with a wide range of data sources

Whether pulling from on-premises or cloud applications, Freeform’s inherent flexibility enables users to upload and harmonize spreadsheets, collate and manage disparate data inputs, and leverage many data sources.

Design, manage, and scale in the cloud

An easy-to-understand user interface lets you model complex hierarchies and business scenarios—with very little assistance from IT or consultants. Deploy custom applications from multiple data sources to deliver consistent and sharable models across your organization.

From Excel and on-premises Essbase to cloud—in under a minute

Upload spreadsheets and Essbase cubes and create ready-to-use business models—in seconds.

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