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Oracle Supply Chain Collaboration

Detect, analyze, and resolve supply chain disruptions within your enterprise and with your key trading partners. Intelligently automate processes to make your entire supply chain more efficient and responsive. Achieve multitier supply chain visibility across your network.

Collaborate and orchestrate using Oracle Supply Chain Collaboration Cloud.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain Collaboration

Supply Chain Collaboration

Collaborate on order forecasts

Share order forecasts with suppliers, review their commits, and integrate them into your supply planning processes.

Collaborate with contract manufacturers

Automatically update contract manufacturing work order status based on the outsourced production progress.

Enable vendor-managed inventory

Allow suppliers to trigger orders and confirm shipments for their consigned and unconsigned materials at your sites.

Analyze performance and identify exceptions

Graphically summarize metrics for forecast collaboration and vendor-managed inventory operations across all suppliers.

Monitor and resolve problems

Highlight forecast commit and inventory threshold violations, request revisions, or even commit on a supplier’s behalf.

Synchronize data across multiple tiers

Exchange the latest supply data for multiple tiers of suppliers using B2B messaging, an online portal, and web services.

Supply chain network

Provide online supplier collaboration

Give your suppliers collaboration tools and visibility into production processes through the supplier portal.

Leverage Oracle Business Network

Exchange B2B transactions with a network of preintegrated trading partners.

Connect with partner networks

Easily connect with external trading partners through preconfigured service provider networks.

Automate B2B message processing

Exchange preconfigured plan-to-produce, order-to-cash, and source-to-settle transactions with trading partners.

Monitor B2B messaging

View B2B messaging status, identify any errors, and easily correct and reprocess failed messages.

Manage partner network

Easily onboard partners and set up B2B trading relationships across multiple communication methods.

Supply Chain Visibility

Respond proactively to supply chain changes

Get better visibility to upstream supply internally and with strategic suppliers and contract manufacturers. Get early warnings to mismatched expectations and leverage available supplier capacity in your supply plans.

Analyze supply chain activity in real time

Use Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) to analyze and report on the real-time status your supply chain.

Assess end-to-end supply chain performance

Visualize the overall performance of your global supply chain in Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse.

Automate visibility using web services

Get programmatic access to the real-time status of Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud transactions via REST services.

Use machine learning to predict events

Extend visibility into the future by applying predictive analytics to Internet of Things supply chain signals.

Track activity via a digital thread

Capture and visualize the choreography of supply chain transactions in a blockchain-based digital ledger.

Supply Chain Collaboration customer successes

Oracle Cloud helps Titan International transform into a smart connected manufacturer

Oracle Supply Chain Collaboration use cases

  • Collaborate on a common platform

    Engage your partners in supply chain decisions and manage the attributes of the trading relationship in one place.

  • Orchestrate business-to-business processes

    Take advantage of a flexible infrastructure that tailors your collaboration processes as your business evolves.

  • Interoperate with standards-based B2B messaging

    Simplify communication with popular trading networks using B2B integration in the cloud.

  • Extend your supply chain for strategic advantage

    Use a powerful and scalable B2B platform to gain strategic advantage over ad hoc communications.

    Business brief: SCM Cloud B2B Messaging Strategy (PDF)

5 Strategies for Building a Resilient Supply Chain in Turbulent Times

Jeff Stiles, Vice President, Oracle

Although globalized supply chains have indeed produced valuable cost advantages for decades, recent political and social upheavals have spotlighted the fragilities of far-flung supply networks and magnified the structural instabilities that had been emerging for years.

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