Product Tour—Opower Demand Flexibility Solutions

Improve grid reliability and resiliency by encouraging customers to reduce peak load

Improve your customer experience and better manage energy supply and demand

Balancing supply and demand is increasingly difficult. As energy demand grows and utilities shift more to intermittent renewables, they face

  • More frequent peak events because of climate change
  • Increased load because of electrification growth
  • Weather-related reliability issues with traditional power sources that produce 24/7
  • An increase in renewable power sources with specific generation times

Manage the grid effectively and deliver better customer benefits

Address complicated grid problems with demand flexibility solutions that engage customers and empower them to manage energy use more effectively in partnership with their utility.

  • Reduce the grid’s peak load.
  • Shift load from high-price, greenhouse gas (GHG)-intensive times to low-price, non-GHG-intensive times.
  • Reshape load to match specific generation curves.

Deliver an enhanced end-to-end customer experience

Influence utility customer action at scale with behavioral demand response (BDR) so customers reduce energy use when it's needed most on peak days or shift it to off-peak times with behavioral load shaping to avoid bill shock from time-of-use (TOU) rates, yielding

  • An improved customer experience from fewer service disruptions
  • Substantial customer bill savings, assuming the right programs and rates are in place

Deliver targeted and personalized communications to customers

Opower demand flexibility solutions can help solve complex grid problems more affordably than expensive physical infrastructure that takes years to build.

  • Deliver personalized communications to utility customers.
  • Send the right message at the right time—for peak-use summer day alerts, weekly TOU messages, or other communications—so customers take the most needed actions.
  • Help reduce peak energy load, deliver quantifiable and measurable benefits, increase customer engagement, and boost program adoption.
  • Reach your net-zero carbon reduction goals.

Put the power of AI and behavioral science principles to work for your grid

Opower uses AI and behavioral science principles to influence customers and help educate them about making smarter energy decisions.

  • Behavioral science helps get customers’ attention and influence their actions using proven principles.
  • The Opower AI continually learns what customers need and then delivers relevant information to their inbox.

Encourage customers to reduce energy and save money with personalized insights

Offer a complete educational customer experience that includes behavioral prompts encouraging customers to reduce energy use on peak demand days.

  • Home energy reports help customers engage, save energy and money, and feel satisfied with their utility.
  • Reports display personalized energy insights, tips, and ways to optimize bill savings.
  • Embedded modules in behavioral load shaping messages give details on TOU rates and personalized tips for saving during peak periods.
  • Promote additional devices and programs to specific customer segments.

Reduce peak load with energy efficiency and behavioral demand response

Prepare customers for seasonal changes, alert them to impending events, and follow up to review their performance and celebrate successful efforts to shift from high-price, GHG-intensive times to low-price, non-GHG-intensive times.

Get started with Opower demand flexibility solutions

Encourage customers to reduce energy use and lower their energy bills while helping to better manage grid reliability, sustainability, and safety. Opower has the tools and partnerships you need to encourage and empower customers to be part of the solution.

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