Integrate and Streamline Your Customer Interaction Processes

Oracle Advanced Inbound Telephony provides telephony integration to all major telephone systems and supports leading CTI middleware. As a result, your customer interaction centers can support key functionality such as intelligent routing and queuing. In addition, integration with CRM applications enables agents to provide consistent handling of customer interactions. Business benefits include increased customer satisfaction, increased agent productivity, and decreased costs from accurate call routing.

Oracle E-Business Suite Learning Subscription.

Key Features

  • Gain Seamless Integration
    Gain native CTI support, IVR integration, and support for various switches and CTI middleware.
  • Prioritize Your Best Customers
    Ensure critical customers receive top handling, no matter which channel they use.
  • Leverage Advanced Queuing Capabilities
    Gain enhanced treatment, overflow, and group queuing of calls.
  • Integrate with Oracle CRM
    Provide seamless customer interactions via integration with TeleSales, TeleService, iStore, and other Oracle CRM applications
  • Measure Performance
    Manage contact center performance with web-based analytics.