Proven Enterprise Incentive Management

Oracle Incentive Compensation (OIC) is a global variable compensation application that automates the design, administration, and analysis of transactional pay-for-performance incentive programs to align sales behavior to corporate goals. OIC allows organizations to connect sales incentives to business objectives to motivate workers (sales reps), 3rd party representatives, customers / suppliers, resellers and partners through incentive insight. With OIC, what-if incentive programs can easily be modeled and optimized to drive stronger sales/channel performance while reducing compensation expenditures.

Key Features

  • Increase Productivity
    Keep sales reps motivated with on time and reliable payments and direct access to compensation plans, calculations, and transactions.
  • Align Your Workforce
    Increase sales line of sight to corporate strategy to increase sales success rates.
  • Gain Flexibility
    Complete coverage for any compensation plan design. Plans can be quickly created, modeled, and rolled out to meet changing business needs.
  • Financial Control
    Manage administrative costs and gain visibility into your variable payouts. Support corporate governance initiatives.
Oracle E-Business Suite Learning Subscription.

Manage Complexity with Agility and Lower TCO

Many organizations are running their compensation programs on a number of rigid home grown legacy systems or maybe even on spreadsheets. These legacy systems were built for the incentive programs of the past and have a difficult time keeping pace with the incentive programs of today. OIC is able to manage the complexity of these incentive programs with greater agility and lower TCO while maintaining necessary financial and process controls. OIC can reduce 90% of commission over payments representing 5-8% of your total commission expense annually.

OIC is the incentive compensation management solution for Oracle E-Business Suite, Siebel and PeopleSoft product lines, and is commonly implemented as a standalone solution integrating to 3rd party systems. Out of the box OIC seamlessly integrates to E-Business Suite ERP, CRM and HCM including Quoting for estimated commissions, the Total Compensation Statement. Siebel CRM Integration to Oracle Incentive Compensation - provides a sustained integrated Oracle Application Integration Architecture based incentive compensation solution for the Siebel CRM install base including telcos and high-tech. OIC is integrated to PeopleSoft HCM for participant synchronization.

Attract and Retain Partners
With your administrative ship in order, OIC helps you attract and retain partners critical to accelerating growth through your channels. With accurate and timely payment , you reduce shadow accounting and improve trust & sales moral within your own sales forces and partner communities.

Increase Wallet Share
OIC contributes to increased wallet share through the improved alignment of comp plans to corporate objectives and drives desired behavior such as increased cross sell/up sell, improved customer service and customer retention.

Moving Beyond Reporting to Strategic Sales Performance Modeling and Analytics
OIC Analytics for ODI breaks down traditional front and back office silos bringing together sales performance data with those responsible for the sale and selling costs. Sales, Finance and HR executives and managers are empowered to make informed, actionable decisions that promote effective sales strategies. In addition, OIC Analytics for ODI is built on Oracle's robust analytics platform ensuring rich insight across the organization to help drive sales productivity, while controlling costs and increasing sales performance.