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Be true to who you are

We’re proud to support and uplift the LGBTQ+ community at work and beyond. We believe that everyone—regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression—should be free to live authentically and feel like they belong.

How we champion equality

Hiring diverse talent

Hiring diverse talent

We’re dedicated to building a diverse workforce that reflects the world around us. We focus our recruiting efforts on LGBTQ+ job boards and events and actively educate our people on the importance of creating diverse teams.

connecting our employees

Connecting our employees

The Oracle Pride Employee Network (OPEN) unites and empowers our LGBTQ+ communities around the world. With 43 chapters in 21 countries, we work together to increase opportunities, raise awareness, and form partnerships that improve the LGBTQ+ experience.

engaging our allies

Engaging our allies

Everyone has a role to play in inclusion, and engaging allies is key to elevating our LGBTQ+ community. Our employees can feel safe and supported knowing that Oracle Allies are always ready to speak up and advocate for equality and acceptance.

benefits for all

Benefits for all

Our range of benefits is designed to enhance our employees’ lives—and their families. We provide same-sex partner medical benefits and transgender benefits in some countries.

Employee spotlight

Your stories inspire us



"Stories like mine are just not seen. And when they are seen, they are often not told."

Tilden is an up and coming solution engineer in our Cloud Solutions Hub in Santa Monica. He specializes in IoT and Robotics, but that's not the only place he'sblazing a trail. Tilden is also the founder of the Oracle Pride Employee Network (OPEN) chapter in Santa Monica.

It's not lost on him that as a gay, black man working "out and proud" as an engineer in the tech industry, his story is of unique importance.

"This is why my personal mission to increase the number of minority employees, especially in the LGBTQ community, who succeed professionally and are poised to positively impact their communities."

Read about his career and passion for social change.



"I came out during my interview. I just felt 100% comfortable to be my whole self."

Anna's diverse talents have helped her add value to a variety of teams at Oracle. The common thread throughout her career journey has been unwavering support from the Oracle community.

"I came out during my interview. I hadn’t really planned to—I just felt 100% comfortable to be my whole, authentic self,” she shares.

"It means so much to me and my family as a whole, knowing that I am valued and protected, and that my company takes a stand on the issues that matter."

Read how pride runs through Anna's career at Oracle.



"We need to continue to fight, be visible, and educate those around us."

Kevin came out in the early ‘80s. Since then he’s made it his mission to show everyone that gay men and women are no different from anyone else and should be judged on merit—not on who they love and like.

“I made it my responsibility to correct friends, family, and coworkers about LGBTQ+ issues. My goal has been to educate people about being gay whenever I can."

Read about Kevin’s work to further these efforts through his leadership of the Seattle OPEN chapter.



"I can now be my authentic self and be productive at work to achieve great results."

Amber knew she was transgender from the age of five, but it wasn't until she joined Oracle that she felt safe enough to open up to her colleagues about who she really was.

"I didn’t feel comfortable coming out at my previous employer to the extent that I didn't even tell them about my gender issues, so I decided to leave and look for a new company that had a strong diversity policy and that encouraged LGBTQ+ people to express themselves in a safe environment."

Read about Amber's journey.



"Coming out is always scary, usually messy, but necessary to live as your authentic self."

Coming out is a personal decision based on many factors. However Brian’s experience has taught him that sometimes our loved ones are more accepting than we realize. He vividly recalls how nervous he was to tell his parents he was gay. Looking back now, he can see his expectations were far worse than the reality.

"Coming out has different results for everyone. Sometimes tragic. Sometimes you lose people you love. But, for many, it’s a minor blip in your life that frees you from tyranny and a self-imposed punishment for a crime you never committed."

Brian shares his coming out story in the hopes that it will inspire others to follow in his footsteps.



"Providing a positive, inclusive environment is critical for the future of work."

Asad is proud to work for a company that contributes to society. For him, Oracle’s positive action is two-fold: 1) Our technology solutions are solving critical real-world problems, and 2) We’re advancing important social issues for the LGBTQ+ community.

This year marked a big turning point for the LGBTQ+ community in Oracle India: After two years of hard work and dedication, they officially started their first chapter of the Oracle Pride Employee Network.

Read about the journey and how pride runs through Asad’s career at Oracle.

Here, all kinds of people work together to create the future

Show your true colors

Pride has a special place in our hearts. Every year Team Oracle comes out in force to march, celebrate, and recognize how far the fight for equality has come, while always remembering how far we have yet to go.

Make a difference in your community

All of our employees get 40 paid volunteer hours each year, which means you can choose to donate your time and talent to the LGBTQ+ causes that mean the most to you. Many of us lend a hand to community outreach projects such as LGBTQ+ homeless shelters and youth safe spaces.

Learning and development
Increase your awareness of LGBTQ+ issues
Learning and development

We organize, host, and attend a range of training events and workshops that promote understanding about important issues such as unconscious bias and HIV education.

Join the movement for change

Oracle is a proud supporter of LGBTQ+ rights. We forge strategic partnerships with organizations that help advance these issues in society and publicly support “friend of the court” briefs in favor of equal rights for all. We’re honored to be recognized by the Human Rights Campaign as one of the Best Places to Work for LGBTQ+ Equality.


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