Benefit One cuts report generation time up to 90% with Oracle Cloud

Using Oracle Autonomous Database and Analytics Cloud, Benefit One slashes the time to aggregate data for real-time, actionable insights.


Oracle Autonomous Database allowed us to raise our productivity to a startling degree, but what caught us off guard was how helpful it was to even the heads of business departments with no IT experience. Easy to understand and use, Oracle Analytics is also a game-changer for a data-driven company like us.

Masami MatsuzakiHead of Data Management Group, Product Marketing Department, Benefit One

Business challenges

Benefit Station, a website offered by Benefit One, is a membership-based benefit service used by 10,891 organizations and about 8.68 million people, as of September 2020. Companies reward employees with points that they can exchange for goods and services. The site lists more than 1.4 million services that can be used in all 47 prefectures across Japan, providing members with services at a discount price.

Benefit One’s product marketing department had been handling data aggregation with a standalone tool to extract data about member trends. Benefit One then manually aggregated and analyzed that data with spreadsheets.

Analysts spent too much time extracting and managing the enormous amount of data involved, leaving insufficient time to do analysis and then use the insights to create new content and promotions for members.

The company needed to streamline its analytics operations to use data more effectively and become a truly data-driven company.

We’re saving so much time and energy related to data aggregation and analysis, we can analyze member trends and then utilize and apply that data more effectively. This has allowed us to turn the brunt of our energy toward the development of new content based on those analyses.

Moe NakayaHead of Data Management Group - Team 1, Product Marketing Department, Benefit One

Why Benefit One Chose Oracle

Benefit One was impressed with the design of Oracle Analytics Cloud, which was easy for any user to understand and use, including business department heads with no IT expertise.  

Using Oracle Analytics Cloud along with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse allowed Benefit One to fully automate processing of massive datasets, including eliminating the need to manually extract data.

The company also valued the relationship  between its lean IT team and the Oracle team, which carefully explained how Benefit One could tackle the company’s top priorities.


With Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics, Benefit One slashed report generation time by up to 90%. Reports that used to take 2 or 3 hours to compile are now compiled in 15 minutes.

Benefit One can now easily generate reports with different conditions and data parameters, a task previously done only weekly or monthly. Daily reports now include the latest trends from even the previous day, as there’s no longer a time lag between service usage and reporting. Benefit One has a real-time understanding of changes in the services members are using. Having current data lets the company create more effective marketing plans, like quickly deploying new sales promotions. The management team knows it is getting the latest information and analysis that it can rely on when making decisions.

Published:February 3, 2021