Ceragon Networks modernizes its business with Oracle Cloud

Leading solutions provider of 5G wireless transport uses Oracle Cloud ERP and EPM to turn business challenges into opportunities and expand the company.


As one of the global leaders in the 5G transport space, we are facing different challenges such as the growing number of cell sites, the need to provide greater capacity with a variety of services, and the mass deployment of our solution. Using Oracle Cloud is a differentiator for our company that enables us to convert new business challenges into opportunities to grow our business.

Guy ToibinChief Information Officer, Ceragon Networks

Business challenges

Founded in 1996, Ceragon Networks has evolved into a global innovator and leading provider of 5G wireless transport technologies. The company’s products are deployed by more than 460 service providers, as well as hundreds of private networks in more than 130 countries. Its mission is to solve the wireless backhaul challenges of its customers, and help them achieve the highest value.

To succeed in the telecommunications market in the 5G era, Ceragon Networks needed to adapt to multiple industry changes with flexibility and scalability. As business operations became more demanding, the company wanted to find a service that could manage its growth, including an expanding number of network sites, and the need to provide 100 times more network capacity to customers. The company also sought to enable a co-existence of multiple services over the same network. Internally, the company needed to pivot quickly and scale for mass network deployments while managing the skills of its employees.

Why Ceragon Networks chose Oracle

After searching for a cloud provider to meet its business challenges, Ceragon Networks decided that Oracle Cloud Applications would be flexible enough to adapt to the company’s changing environment, and provide IT with ongoing support via access to quarterly innovation product releases.


Ceragon Networks’ implementation of Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) enabled the company to lift and shift its existing core business process to the cloud. Oracle Cloud ERP and EPM now co-exist in a single, secure, and logical environment with other critical business systems, enabling Ceragon to adopt flexible Oracle software and services as its business needs continually change.

Ceragon Networks also saw improvements to its security posture and a standardization of its systems. With the Oracle systems in place, the company experienced greater visibility over its spending processes in the cloud versus on-premises.

The cloud ERP modules support procure to pay and employee expenses, allowing the equipment provider to completely reshape its business process. The company has streamlined cross-organizational operations and now has visible alignment on regulations and audit requirements that support Romanian or Indonesian business processes.

Oracle Cloud EPM’s Budget and Planning module gives Ceragon annual budget planning capabilities, and control over budget reviews and approvals. The company’s annual operations planning cycle used to take three months to complete a single planned version, plus an additional two weeks to incorporate updated operating plans. Now it takes about 45 days to complete an annual operating plan, and less than a day to create a new operating version with additional updated plans. The company has also aligned business processes across legal entities and harmonized its accounting index.


Oracle Consulting worked with Ceragon Networks to implement Oracle ERP and EPM.

Published:December 17, 2021