Electrohuila slashes data processing time with Oracle

Using Oracle Database Appliance, the Colombian electrical utility cut from 12 hours to only 2 the time it takes to analyze key customer data each day.


Oracle’s experience, support, guidance, quality of staff, and product maturity gave us a lot of peace of mind.

Luis Ernesto LunaProject Manager, Electrificadora del Huila

Business challenges

Electrificadora del Huila (Electrohuila) provides electricity in the region around Colombia’s capital city, Neiva. It generates power via three hydroelectric plants, and it provides electric power distribution and commercialization services through its infrastructure of transmission lines and high, medium, and low voltage substations. At the end of 2020, Electrohuila had about 409,000 users.

In recent years, Electrohuila faced the challenge of processing a large amount of data from customers in order to provide them with more personalized service. However, the company’s computing infrastructure couldn’t process that information fast enough to meet the operation’s needs.

Oracle brought great results for us. We improved the quality of service for our customers, and it has also improved the quality of information because we have more time to analyze and focus on strategic activities.

Luis Ernesto LunaProject Manager, Electrificadora del Huila

Why Electrohuila Chose Oracle

Electrohuila chose Oracle Database Appliance. The utility’s market study concluded that Oracle provided the best option for hardware plus software engineered systems, and that it would help the business meet data processing needs and avoid the manual work that the team had done previously. In addition, Electrohuila has had a relationship with Oracle since 1994, when the utility implemented an Oracle industry solution for its energy bill settlement processing, so the company knew the quality and support of Oracle solutions.


With the implementation of Oracle Database Appliance, Electrohuila has reduced the time needed to process about 2.8 billion records daily, from 12 hours down to approximately 2 hours. This has a significant impact because it allows the team more time to analyze information, and to provide data about both sales and collections from customers.

In addition to reducing processing times, Oracle Database Appliance has helped the team improve the quality and reliability of information, and lets it provide continuous support to solve day-to-day needs and challenges.

Published:August 9, 2021