Nabil Foods outsmarts the competition with Oracle Cloud

Nabil Foods increases security, obtains new insights, improves business agility, and reduces costs with Oracle Autonomous Database and Analytics Cloud.


We found Autonomous Data Warehouse to be the best solution. It secures itself, manages itself, tunes itself, and is less expensive than other cloud providers.

Mohammad SalamahBusiness Technology Director, Nabil Foods

Business challenges

Nabil Foods manufactures a wide range of frozen and chilled products that it sells to retail, catering, and quick service restaurant customers in more than 25 countries. Established in 1945, the Jordan-based company’s meals range from lasagna to kubbeh balls to fajitas.

In the food industry, recipes are the crown jewels, so they must be protected from external attacks and malicious users. Following a security breach, Nabil Foods needed to implement a highly secure infrastructure. The COVID-19 pandemic only amplified this need as 800 employees were required to access data and applications remotely.

Additionally, Nabil Foods managers and executives felt it took too long to obtain key insights about the business. The company had to improve its data analytics infrastructure and processes, yet it lacked the specialized technical resources to do so and wanted to implement a solution that business users could rely on independently from IT.

With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services for Data Science, Blockchain, and Internet of Things in addition to Autonomous Database, Oracle is the perfect partner to support our digital transformation.

Ahmad SallakhChief Executive Officer, Nabil Foods

Why Nabil Foods Chose Oracle

Oracle earned the confidence of Nabil Foods’ leadership with a lift and shift of all its on-premises Oracle E-Business Suite and Microsoft applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, which helped ensure security and reduced operational costs by 80%. For its data analytics project, Nabil Foods evaluated AWS Redshift and Snowflake, but both those options required complex implementation, significant administration, and a higher total cost of ownership.

Moreover, the amount of hands-on administration required raised the risk of human error that could lead to outages and security risks. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse virtually eliminated the complexities of operating a data warehouse and offered a complete, integrated data and analytics solution with Oracle Analytics Cloud, delivering increased performance at lower cost.


With the support of Oracle partner Xpertier, Nabil Foods implemented Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Data Integrator, and Analytics seven times faster than they had implemented their on-premises solution. The automated provisioning, configuring, securing, tuning, scaling, patching, backing up, and repairing of the data warehouse reduced operational costs by more than 40% while significantly increasing performance compared to on-premises. Complex financial queries that previously required five hours now complete in a few seconds.

Nabil Foods also greatly enhanced business agility. The time required to prepare monthly reports has accelerated from three weeks to three days after closing the financial periods in Oracle E-Business Suite. Business users across finance, sales, marketing, and manufacturing can access data in real-time to build multi-faceted reports and dashboards of key performance indicators such cost of goods sold or average selling price on their own. And they can access them from anywhere on any device using either text or voice search, without IT support. Faster response times for complex financial queries bring a better user experience and faster decision making.  By leveraging Oracle Analytics Cloud’s embedded machine learning capabilities, they can surface new insights, predict likely outcomes, and reduce time to market for new product innovations. 

Next, Nabil Foods plans to add Nielsen third-party data to its analytics, allowing teams to include competitive and market information to their analysis in real time, and thus to dynamically adjust strategy, pricing, and promotional offerings even more.


Oracle partner Xpertier specializes in providing professional services and integrated solutions, focusing on high-end technologies such as Oracle Security, Golden Gate, identity management, virtualization and other high-end products.

Published:December 4, 2020