SPECIAL.T by Nestlé enhances customer experience using Oracle Service

Nestlé S.A., the world’s leading nutrition, health, and wellness company with more than 2,000 global and local brands, is using Oracle to help improve their customer interactions

Managing our customer interactions with Oracle CX Service enables us to move very quickly. Instead of worrying about servers and IP addresses, we can implement best practices, features, and functionalities to optimize our customers’ digital experience. The benefits of working with Oracle Cloud solutions are enormous.

Pascal MonnierIS/IT Manager, SPECIAL.T by Nestlé, Nestlé S.A.

Business challenges

  • Streamline sales and customer experience efforts across multiple countries and languages by building a central knowledge base of customer and product information for SPECIAL.T by Nestlé
  • Expand knowledge of customers’ tea consuming and shopping preferences through multi-channel engagement and direct customer feedback
  • Improve customer experiences by engaging in direct customer discussions and interactions via a portal with live chat, rather than relying solely on phone and e-mail communication channels
  • Facilitate interaction between customer service agents and customers by deploying a central knowledge base in multiple languages, and customized for each country
  • Decrease sales and customer engagement platform support costs by deploying a homogeneous cloud-based platform

Why SPECIAL.T by Nestlé, Nestlé S.A. chose Oracle

"After a thorough market evaluation, we chose Oracle Service because it provides us with a fully integrated customer interaction solution across all channels and for all platforms, without needing to change our agents’ working methodology. If you want to find the right answer to a customer question—in the customer’s local language and targeted to his location—then Oracle Service is the industry’s best tool. Not only did we choose the right technology, but we also selected the right people with whom to work. Oracle’s proof-of-concept for our integrated platform demonstrated how well they understood our business—it offered full integration with our e-commerce platform and all the benefits we were looking for."
—Pascal Monnier, IS/IT Manager, SPECIAL.T by Nestlé, Nestlé S.A.


  • Deployed Oracle Service to enable improved and more efficient interactions with consumers through multiple channels—from the community portal to live chat with product specialists
  • Decreased operating costs by using Oracle Service to provide customer service agents with a single user interface for all customer support needs, instead of relying on disparate non-integrated applications
  • Enabled SPECIAL.T to create timely, customized offers for each consumer based on their known preferences—such as for a specific tea flavor—and automatic out-of-stock date calculations, which remind the customer service agent that a customer has probably run out of merchandise
  • Integrated customer engagement processes with the company’s e-commerce sales platform and customer relationship management (CRM) platform to synchronize customer contacts, orders, and return merchandise authorizations in near real-time
  • Implemented a central knowledge base that covers all basic topics from machine error codes to SPECIAL.T promotions, available in multiple languages and personalized by country, to offer customers and customer service agents a state-of-the-art interaction experience
  • Enhanced purchasing support for consumers by offering answers in local language for a range of topics, such as tea flavors and preparation recipes, and targeted information for country-specific topics, such as delivery schedules
  • Gained the ability to receive direct consumer feedback via a portal with live chat, enabling the company to adapt products and services to consumer demands in the shortest time possible
  • Leveraged Oracle Service Cloud’s outreach feature to drive additional revenue through targeted customer offers based on historic consumption—for example, offering a new tea flavor which is similar to a customer’s preferred flavor
Published:October 2, 2020