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Continuous, contextually relevant service experiences with asynchronous chat

Some service issues require time to resolve. Yet these service calls can get interrupted for minutes, hours, or days because of demands on your customers’ time. Asynchronous chat enables you to provide a continuous experience every time customers engage with your service organization. By carrying over the context and history from one related interaction to the next, customers avoid the frustrating experience of repeating themselves each time they reach out regarding the same topic, issue, or question. Service agents have the flexibility to respond through the customer’s preferred messaging channel—no matter how complex or long-running the service issue.

Put the customer in the driver’s seat

Reduce customer frustration by enabling them to reach out to your contact center at their convenience, regardless of how complex the issue or the number of interactions needed to resolve it.

Asynchronous chat allows you to maintain the case history across the entire service experience and build lasting customer relationships.

  • Let customers start conversations, communicate updates, and more on their channel of choice. No more waiting for a service agent to “pick up” or call back during regular business hours.
  • Proactively re-engage customers, on the same subject and channel, even after periods of inactivity. Improve customer satisfaction by not requiring them to re-explain or provide a reference number.
  • Enable customers to communicate updates on their preferred channel, allowing them to address any issue at their convenience.
  • Resolve even the most complex issues seamlessly and improve the customer experience.
Put the customer in the driver’s seat

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Give agents instant visibility into customer service interaction history

Even after periods of inactivity, the service request history and information provided is maintained until the request is resolved and closed. With instant visibility into issues and actions surrounding a service request, agents become more productive.

  • Support longer-running, more complex inquiries by giving agents easy access to all background information, previous interactions, and conducted research—all within the same service request.
  • Equip multiple agents to service the same customer request by easily referencing the historical, contextual information contained within that one, ongoing request.
  • Provide the information and time agents need to sufficiently craft thoughtful, relevant, and personalized customer responses to drive speedy resolution and boost agent efficiency.
  • Enable agents to balance multiple service conversations simultaneously, deepen customer relationships, and build trust through ongoing dialogues over longer periods of time.
Give agents instant visibility into service history

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Elevate and unify the customer service experience

Deliver a seamless customer service experience for even the most complex cases—those that require multiple agents or cross-departmental resources to resolve.

  • Improve customer loyalty and offer better customer service with seamless and uniform service experiences.
  • Use information provided in the initial customer outreach to identify and route customer requests to the best equipped live agent or chatbot. By decoupling the customer service interaction with agent availability, you can be more strategic about resourcing to best address issues and meet customer needs.
  • Leverage customer rapport built over the course of the service request. With deeper customer relationships, you’re able to identify up- and cross-sell opportunities to drive incremental revenue.
  • Improve customer satisfaction scores by offering more personalized and consultative engagements.
  • Reduce the likelihood of repeat or returning service requests.
  • Enable agents to simultaneously manage multiple 1:1 requests, effectively scaling your service organization during peak periods.

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