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Oracle Database Breakthrough Innovations

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Announcing Oracle Database 21c

The latest version of the world’s leading database features more than 200 new innovations, making it easier for customers to develop and run data-driven, mission-critical applications. Unlike competitive databases in the cloud or on-premises, Oracle Database 21c provides support for multimodel, multiworkload, and multi-tenant requirements–all within a single, modern converged database engine.

Highlights— Oracle Database Breakthrough Innovations (6:06)

Highlights - Oracle executive Andy Mendelsohn explains how the latest generation of Oracle’s converged database and new cloud-native application development service help reduce developer and integration effort, while ensuring secure and performant support of any data workload.

Over 200 built-in innovations, including blockchain tables and in-database machine learning, elevate Oracle Database 21c’s level of convergence and eliminate the need for specialized cloud services.

Carl Olofson Research Vice President, Data Management Software, IDC

Oracle APEX Application Development Service now available

Oracle APEX is a new low-code service for developing and deploying data-driven, enterprise applications quickly and easily. The browser-based cloud service enables developers to build responsive web and mobile apps using a drag-and-drop approach.

Introducing Oracle APEX (1:35)

Oracle APEX is a fully integrated, low-code development platform for building, deploying, and maintaining data-driven applications. Check out how it’s browser-based, wizard-driven interface can help you build apps with minimal coding.

Deep dive: Low-Code Application Development with New Oracle APEX Service (20:50)

Learn how easy it is for citizen and pro developers to create low-code apps on Oracle APEX Application Development, a new service in Oracle Cloud. Discover key benefits of the service, see a full demo, and grasp its simple and affordable pricing.

Oracle’s longstanding database competitors as well as newer cloud-based competitors have failed to develop a vision and strategy to match Oracle’s offering of a universal Autonomous Database.

Holger Mueller Vice President and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

Leading organizations run data-driven, mission-critical applications on Oracle Database


“With Autonomous Database at the core of our intelligent mining operations, we can develop apps for our clients in one week instead of six, and our DBA workloads have been reduced by 65%.”

Siemens Mobility

“With one click, Oracle Autonomous Database automatically consolidates a great deal of information from multiple sources that was previously an extremely complex and paper-intensive process.”


“We give [our customers] a managed environment where they can create and deploy applications quickly and we have saved millions doing it.”


“Having the infrastructure, database, and blockchain application running on one platform made it so much easier for us to expand our platform very quickly and at scale.”



“Some queries that we wanted to run were running for hours or never finished. With Oracle graph analytics it's always below a second."

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