Outpace Change with Continuous Innovation

7 December, 2021 | Original broadcast

Oracle ERP Summit: SCM Continuous Innovation

How to improve business outcomes with continuous innovation

The future of business has arrived, setting new challenges and altering business priorities. Organizations that can adapt quickly to changing conditions are more likely to survive and thrive in all kinds of crises. Listen to Peter Hinssen, keynote speaker and author of ‘Phoenix and the Unicorn’, and Oracle data and analytics executives as they discuss how organizations can gain competitive advantage through continuous innovation and AI-driven analytics.

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Enabling continuous innovation

Enabling continuous innovation

Our analytics and thought leader, Duncan Fitter, shares how organizations can achieve agility and better performance capabilities with help of Oracle Analytics Cloud.

Enabling continuous innovation

Enabling competitive edge through real-time insights

T.K. Anand shares new AI-powered innovations, including the availability of Oracle Fusion SCM Analytics.

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