Oracle Cloud SCM Virtual Summits

17 November 2020 | Original broadcast


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Supply chain professionals need full visibility across the supply network to make business decisions with confidence. Transparency, collaborative planning, speed, and accuracy are crucial for success. Learn how insight and collaboration is improving supply chain performance at Deloitte, Alcar Ruote SA, Bissell, MTN, Transworld Group and Oracle.

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Intro: Supply Chain and Manufacturing: Insight and Collaboration (9:04)

Industry experts discuss how insights can reduce latency across supply chains, how collaboration between partners and planning is critical to supply chain performance, and how data comes together to make decision-making faster and more accurate.

Is your Supply Chain an Always-On Strategic Differentiator? (8:06)

Hear from Deloitte on how leading organizations are using digital supply networks enabled by Oracle Cloud applications to dramatically improve visibility across the end-to-end supply chain, and enhance collaboration and agility.

Bissell Responds to Demand with Global Supply Chain Resilience (8:01)

Bissell shares how they managed a surge in demand during a global pandemic, their transition to a new manufacturing location and how virtualization enabled them to be more responsive and adaptive for changes in supply chain.

Oracle Helps Customers Build Resilient Supply Chains to Drive Growth (12:23)

See how Oracle incorporates planning and manufacturing for resilient supply chain and manufacturing operations and learn how to connect your supply chain systems and partners with SCM SaaS applications and prebuilt integrations.

MTN’s Resilience in a Post Pandemic World (5:51)

MTN Is a telecommunications company with over 273 million subscribers. Hear how they digitally transformed their organization across Africa and the Middle East.

Alcar Ruote SA Enhance Manufacturing with IoT Intelligent Applications (5:38)

Alcar Ruote SA is an active industrial and commercial group applying IoT Intelligent Applications for its strategic focus on steel and alloy wheels in the automotive market.

Transworld has Innovation in Motion for Global Logistics (4:47)

Learn about Transworld Group’s Innovation in Motion project is providing real-time information, new insights and more transparency in logistics with a digital customer interface for their company and as a service to partners.

Oracle Cloud SCM Virtual Summit Closing Remarks (2:06)

Find out next steps on your journey to improving your supply chain performance.

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