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Oracle AI Apps for Human Resources

Oracle AI Apps for Human Resources is a collection of AI and data-driven features that reduce time-to-hire, increase candidate pipeline quality, improve employee engagement, and optimize HR processes. Improve productivity, ensure compliance, and meet organizational goals by hiring, engaging, and working smarter.

Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps for Recruiting

AI Apps for Recruiting

Time to Hire

In today's changing and complex job market, understanding how long it will take to recruit, interview and hire a new employee is valuable information to hiring managers and recruiters. Imagine having a prediction of the time it will take to hire a role, based on historical hires for that role. And imagine if that prediction continues to improve over time, taking data from across your Oracle Recruiting solution. Our integrated AI and machine learning solution automatically provides this information to your hiring a managers and recruiters. Our integrated AI solutions empower managers to plan ahead and set internal expectations over the hiring period.

Best Candidates

Use the power of AI and machine learning to identify the most suitable candidates for a job requisition. The Best Candidates feature finds, ranks and recommends candidates so you can easily find the right talent for the job. These recommendations can reduce recruitment time and leaves decisions firmly in the hands of recruiters and managers. Our AI uses anonymized résumé data, job requisitions, and candidate profiles provided by Oracle Cloud Recruiting and no personal identifiable information(PII) data to identify the best talent recommendation.

Similar Candidates

Handling a scenario when a gold or silver medalist candidate becomes the “one that got away” can make a recruiter or hiring manager feel like they are back to square one. In the case of hiring for evergreen roles, it’s important to find candidates who share similar experience, skills and education for a role. Our unique suggestion capability, Similar candidates, supports hiring managers and recruiters in both of these common recruiting situations. Using a selected candidate, our machine learning intelligent matching engines provide ranked list of recommendations for the hiring manager and recruiter to review. and find candidates who have similar experience.

Recommended Jobs

A positive candidate experience is pivotal to standing out from other potential employers. As candidates view jobs on your career site and update their candidate profile, AI and machine learning proactively recommend jobs that would be a great fit for their unique background. Your candidates will have a personalized experience and be shown jobs that have a higher likelihood of being a fit for them and your organization.

Similar Jobs

As candidates apply for or view jobs within your career portal, our AI Apps can drive candidate engagement by suggesting similar jobs that may also be a good fit for them. Perhaps there is a similar role in another department that would be a strong match. Or perhaps, after viewing a job, a list of related jobs might encourage the candidate to learn more about your organization or apply to a role. Simple, integrated experiences like these keep your candidates engaged and create value for recruiting with quality candidates for consideration.

In this job market, more workers are choosing AI over humans for career advice

For workers reconsidering their jobs amid the Great Resignation triggered by the pandemic, there is a new trusted source of career advice: artificial intelligence.

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