Integrate and Streamline Your Service Processes

Oracle iSupport enables you to provide a secure, self-service web portal that delivers self-service functionality to customers and employees 24/7. Its sophisticated knowledge management system provides the information needed to solve problems, manage product configurations, and track orders, payments, shipments, returns, and contracts. The result: you improve customer satisfaction while driving down service costs.

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Key Features

  • Provide Solutions via Knowledge Management
    Enable users to conduct basic or advanced searches across multiple repositories. Tailor knowledge base content to different user types. Track solution usefulness, then rank searches accordingly.
  • Drive Sales
    Provide notifications about special events, product upgrades, and contract renewals on customer homepages.
  • Speed Resolution for Complex Issues
    Capture all critical data upfront via an option to require customers to answer key questions online before contacting an agent.
  • Empower Large Customers to Manage Their Own Users
    Enable customers to designate employees as administrators of their own user communities.
  • Support Transactional Inquiries
    Allow customers to access and search orders, invoices, payments, contracts, returns, and service requests. Permit customers to initiate product returns.
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