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Report: Supply Chain Innovation with Hyperconnected Data

Discover how supply chain leaders drive innovation, productivity, and efficiency with connected data. Read our report and discover insights and practical advice from those leading the way.

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Key Findings

31 billion
Internet of Things devices will be installed by 2020, creating new data chains to manage.
of organisations with significant growth have approved funding for connected data initiatives.
of data leaders say secure data management is very important to their organization’s reputation.
of finance leaders say data insight initiatives are a priority, but only 36% have actually completed them.

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The Future-Ready Supply Chain

Five Future-Ready Supply Chains: the Inside Story

Five Future-Ready Supply Chains: the Inside Story

Discover how supply chain leaders around the world are using connected data to innovate, create, and transform.

Get a 360-Degree View of Your Supply Chain

Get a 360-Degree View of Your Supply Chain

Explore how connecting your data can align your business strategies, from accurate forecasting to powerful supply chain analysis.

Don’t Plan Logistics—Transform Them

Don’t Plan Logistics—Transform Them

The secret to success is a future-ready supply chain. One that harnesses the power of connected, intelligent data.

Multiple Benefits of Connectivity

The Multiple Benefits of Connectivity

Want to be faster, more efficient, and more consistent? Connected, intelligent data can supply all three.

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