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We’re Rewriting the Book on Cloud. Not Selling one.

Oracle Cloud could cut your Amazon bill in half. Guaranteed*

Discover the Autonomous Future and Drive Innovation

N2N Saved over 50% on Cloud Infrastructure by Leaving AWS

N2N is leading Cloud development with their key partner, Oracle.

Into the Future with Oracle Autonomous Database

The ground-breaking Oracle Autonomous Database automates data management to boost innovation, minimize costs, and create new business models that leverage cloud-based information. How will the Oracle Autonomous Database transform your future?

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Demo

Get an in-depth look at how the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud can help you easily access your data and analytics to benefit your business today.

Discover Oracle Bring Your Own License and Universal Credits

Learn how you can transform the way you buy and use cloud with flexibility and choice. Oracle's Bring Your Own License program (Oracle BYOL) and Universal Credit Pricing (Oracle UC) help organizations in their pathway to the cloud.


Changing How to Buy and Consume the Cloud

Our recently announced Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, which is built using our ‘self-driving’ autonomous database cloud technology, delivers unprecedented performance, reliability, and ease of deployment.

You can build a data warehouse in a matter of seconds, by specifying tables and loading data. Automatic upgrades, patching, tuning, and security updates then reduce the need for ongoing human labor, cutting TCO by 50%. And thanks to AI-powered machine learning, reliability rates are elevated to 99.995% with downtime cut to less than 2.5 minutes a month. But that’s not all.

We want your data warehouse leaders, database administrators, and developers to experience Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud before you buy. That’s why we’re offering 3,338 hours and 2TB of Exadata storage entirely on us. .


Calculate What You Could Save with Oracle Cloud

Before you migrate, you’ll want to know how much you’ll save. To help, we’ve built an Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud TCO Calculator. Just specify your requirements and discover what your software, infrastructure, facilities, and staff savings will be over three years.

Try Before You Buy

We’re confident that once you experience Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, you won’t be disappointed. So, we’re giving you 3,338 hours and 2TB of Exadata storage on us. Give it to your data warehouse leaders, database administrators, and developers to try today.

Migration Made Easy

Get the Whole Story

Universal Cloud Credits

We’re making it simpler to pay for our cloud platform and infrastructure services; just decide on the amount, use them how you wish and benefit from:

  • One contract for universal access to all our current and future cloud PaaS and IaaS services
  • Pricing flexibility with pay as you go or buying on a monthly usage basis for a lower price
  • The freedom to move across data centres, access new services, or just cancel them.

Bring Your Own Licence

You’ve already made an investment in us, so use your existing Oracle on-premises licenses to get:

  • Full access to any of our cloud platform services
  • Reduced management and operational expenses through the benefits of PaaS automation
  • Better cloud value with significantly lower TCO for running our technologies on Oracle Cloud vs. major competitors.

Try Us for Free

Take advantage of your 3,338 free hours and 2TB of free Exadata today, and discover how the world’s first autonomous database can help you:

  • Reduce human error and deliver up to 99.995% reliability
  • Eliminate manual tuning and provisioning with scalable storage
  • Cut monthly downtime to less than 2.5 minutes a month
  • Keep you agile and secure with autonomous encryption and updates

Faster than Amazon with Lower Costs

Five Ways to Choose the Best Database Cloud
Five Ways to Choose the Best Database Cloud

Speed, choice, cost, proof and other pointers to make your cloud decisions easier.

Database Innovations Driving Migration to the Cloud
Database Innovations Driving Migration to the Cloud

A quick visual tour on what’s shaping today’s use of the cloud, covering analytics, deployment choices, on-demand technology and more.

Comparing Experiences of Oracle, Amazon, & Microsoft’s Cloud Services
Comparing Experiences of Oracle, Amazon, & Microsoft’s Cloud Services

DAO Research explores the cloud market, with Oracle considered superior on service, cost and agreements for enterprises.

*The Oracle Guarantee

Oracle can cut your Amazon bill in half when you run the same data warehouse workload on Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud as compared to running on Amazon AWS. Pricing is based on Oracle’s standard published pricing for Bring your own License and Amazon’s standard published pricing as of March 1, 2018. Each workload compared shall be evaluated based on the actual required number of OCPU/VCPUs, the amount of storage, and the time required to complete the workload. The minimum workload is one hour for this offer. If Oracle determines that you are due a credit, we will apply this credit to your Universal Credit cloud account. Please contact your sales team to exercise this offer.

Offer valid through May 31, 2019.