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Why women succeed here

Our inclusive culture

This is a place where everyone can be themselves and be accepted. At Oracle, we don’t just respect and value differences—we celebrate them! You’ll work with people from all walks of life who want to hear what you have to say.

Support for parents

Your family life is just as important as your work life. Our range of benefits includes things like time off, flexible working, parental leave, onsite nursing rooms, breastmilk shipping for traveling moms, and family health plans.

Oracle Women's Leadership

OWL is a global development program with a mission to engage and empower current and future generations of women leaders at Oracle. With 117 communities around the world, OWL can connect you with inspirational mentors and give you the tools to achieve your professional goals..

Career growth

You can choose to upskill, specialize, or even change your career focus. Your development journey is supported by our online learning library, tuition reimbursement program, and Internal Talent Advisors.

Employee spotlight

Your stories inspire us

Minorities matter

"It's our responsibility to elevate other minorities, especially when we are in a position of influence."

Sandy is a senior manager in product management and strategy for Oracle Marketing Cloud. She and her family immigrated to the San Francisco Bay Area from Taiwan when she was just 10 years old.

Since joining Oracle, she’s become an active member of the Oracle Professional Asian Leadership employee resource group, which has helped her develop strong opinions about diversity and inclusion.

"Those in leadership positions have the extra responsibility to help others recognize their own potential and power, even when they can’t see it themselves."

Empowering women worldwide

"As strong, ambitious women, we can achieve whatever we set our minds on."

Mona was blazing her trail as a successful sales account manager when she was nominated to attend the 2019 Oracle Emerging Leader Summit in Amsterdam. By the time she returned, she had set her sights on a new career goal: starting Saudi Arabia's first ever OWL community.

"I had a strong urge to highlight the real image of the Saudi woman and show that we are talented, ambitious, and hard working," she explains. "We are constantly looking for opportunities to develop ourselves, just like any other women around the world."

Family and flexibility

"There's no such thing as a traditional career path at Oracle."

There's no one size that fits all when it comes to careers here. Instead, we encourage our employees to embark on a lifelong journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

For Ulla, that meant making a career change; for Anja it was about exploring new sides to her role; and for Lena it was taking time out for family. Whatever your calling, Oracle’s focus on career flexibility means you have the freedom to pursue what’s important to you, learn new skills, and continuously realize your potential.

Aligning values

"Oracle's commitment to sustainability helped me decide to work here."

When Caroline finished college, she set out looking for a program that would teach her sales strategy and prepare her for a career in technology. That's when she came across Oracle's Sustainability Report on LinkedIn—leading her to apply for a role on our business development representative program.

"I saw the company had a huge commitment to sustainability," she explains. "When I went in and did the onsite interview, I saw solar panels installed, which made me realize that our values aligned."

Oracle women are creating the future—and you can too.

Fostering diversity
Unlock endless possibilities just by being you.
Fostering diversity

Diverse teams help us think more strategically and work more creatively. Add your perspective and help us reimagine what’s possible.

International Women’s Day
Gender equality is always on the agenda.
International Women’s Day

We’re proud to celebrate the incredible contribution of women everywhere. Amazing things happen on a level playing field when men and women leverage each other’s strengths.

Oracle Women’s Leadership
Broaden your network and open up a world of opportunity.
Oracle Women’s Leadership

OWL connects you to a community of smart, capable women who believe in the philosophy of paying it forward. Your career will thank you for joining us!

Emerging Leaders Summits
Realize your leadership potential.
Emerging Leaders Summits

Oracle women from across the globe come together to learn about the future of leadership, technology, and work. With the right skills, you can do anything—even outpace change.


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