Comcast maximizes performance with Oracle Enterprise Manager

Comcast launches Fleet-Wide Database Automation with Oracle Solution

Comcast is a global technology and entertainment company that connects millions of people to content distributed across their subsidiaries, which include Xfinity, NBCUniversal, Sky, and Comcast Business.

Given the scope of its business, Comcast struggled with database provisioning times that took months due to hardware procurement backlogs. And once the hardware was put into production, it was often underutilized. Other challenges for Comcast included control configuration and routine patching for their estate of more than 2,100 databases.

Today, Comcast is deploying Oracle Enterprise Manager database lifecycle management to perform deep performance visibility into their multitenant database fleet to automate the provisioning of databases, maximize utilization, standardize database configurations and patch levels, and make provisioning available via self-service.


Comcast Recognized with Excellence Award at Oracle OpenWorld 2019


Business challenges

  • On-demand database provisioning
  • On-demand database patching
  • Standardization for compliance


  • Provisioning times reduced to minutes from 2–3 months
  • Automatic patching of 2,100 databases
  • Reduced database maintenance downtime
Published:January 14, 2020