Cygnet Infotech reduces customer onboarding from days to hours with OCI

India’s leading technology services and products company improves operational efficiency, reduces costs, and enhances customer satisfaction with OCI.


When it came to picking the right cloud partner, we wanted to go with the most trusted, reliable, and agile cloud partner and hence chose Oracle for this partnership.

Dr. Niraj HutheesingFounder, Cygnet Infotech

Business challenges

Over the last two decades, India-based Cygnet Infotech has been a trusted IT solutions provider, serving global clients across multiple industries. The Cygnet team comprises consultants, domain experts, analysts, designers, and developers, who deliver digital and cloud solutions. The solutions include technology services, e-signing, RPA, test automation, tax technology, and fintech.

As a cloud-based, SaaS-enabled Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform with cognitive capabilities, Cygnet Infotech’s AutomationWhiz not only helps users automate business processes—it also identifies other processes that can be automated. Its three components, Bot Designer, Bot Executor, and Bot Manager, enable Cygnet’s clients to create, execute, and manage solutions based on their needs.

However, in 2021, AutomationWhiz was still desktop-based and relied heavily on a data center to perform its tasks. As the business expanded, Cygnet’s legacy system could no longer support customers’ growing demands. The company sought a cost-effective, scalable cloud solution to enhance customer satisfaction.

We were constantly executing performance testing on OCI, which helped us gain confidence in horizontal and vertical scaling across services offered by Oracle Cloud.

Dr. Niraj HutheesingFounder, Cygnet Infotech

Why Cygnet Infotech chose Oracle

Cygnet Infotech selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for its proven leadership in cloud computing, reliable products, and automation capabilities that save time and money.

“The entire project was initiated with the core goal of a customer-first approach to support SaaS capabilities, which would allow us to improve our customer’s operational efficiencies and performance while saving money,” says Dr. Niraj Hutheesing, Cygnet founder.

During its modernization journey in 2021, the IT solution provider began with self-managed Kubernetes on its existing data center, setting up development, staging, and QA environments to establish the architecture and POC. Once the company was ready to move from the data center to OCI, it used OCI’s managed Kubernetes services. 

The Cygnet Infotech team was impressed with Oracle’s implementation speed and its seamless cloud platform service, which provides constant customer support.

Cygnet Infotech reduced its manual efforts by 25% and cuts costs by 15% after migrating to OCI.


Cygnet witnessed multiple qualitative and quantitative benefits after migrating to OCI.

By adopting open source, cloud native architecture in OCI and using emerging technologies such as Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes and Oracle Cloud Observability and Management, Cygnet reduced the time to onboard a customer from days to just hours. It also cut manual efforts by 25% and lowered costs by 15%.

“OCI’s infrastructure helped AutomationWhiz to rapidly automate complex tasks and manage RPA workflow securely with robust composition,” says Hutheesing. “It removed the element of human error, increased transaction speed, and helped save time and cost.”

With the ability to add a virtual machine at the click of a button, Cygnet’s operational efficiency improved by 20%. This translated into additional gains for the company’s clients, allowing them to achieve faster ROI, perform tasks with accuracy and uniformity, obtain fully maintained logs—essentials for compliance—as well as automate work with integrated OCR and intelligent chatbots.

Cygnet Infotech’s clients can now run multiple bots that distribute workloads intelligently. This resulted in increased customer satisfaction and trust.

Published:February 9, 2023

About the customer

Established in 2000, Cygnet Infotech offers product engineering and application development services in more than 35 countries. Its services enable clients to digitize, scale, and transform their businesses.