Benzlers and Radicon put gears in motion to modernize their business with Oracle Cloud

The subsidiaries of industrial company Elecon use Oracle Cloud Applications to automate financial reporting and provide data to make faster decisions.


Moving to Oracle Cloud has given us a real time solution, so report information is readily available for the team. With SAP and IBM the data was a few hours old, or most of the time it would be 24 hours old.

Umang GuptaBusiness Systems Manager, Benzlers and Radicon

Business challenges

One of the largest manufacturers of industrial gears and material handling equipment in Asia, Elecon Engineering had grown significantly through acquisitions, including the addition of two leading gear manufacturers, Benzlers and Radicon. Now part of a larger company, the two subsidiaries were struggling with a complex IT landscape, such as running the businesses on multiple ERP systems including applications from SAP and IBM. The ERP applications and data elements ran separately, making comprehensive reporting a challenge. Benzlers and Radicon lacked a single source of information that could provide real-time, accurate data to share with management and key decision-makers.

The high costs and distractions resulting from integrating custom applications and legacy ERP systems created an obstacle to efficient operations, and Benzlers and Radicon employees, customers, and suppliers were bogged down by disjointed financial processes. The applications lacked automatic synchronization and were complex, which made the process for sending and receiving information related to sales, shipping, and procurement prone to errors.

For customer data, the organization also wanted an application to give the businesses better real-time information, but it faced the challenge of migrating 15 years’ worth of Salesforce data within a span of a week, during Christmas break, to avoid any downtime for the sales team and the rest of business operations.

When we moved from Salesforce into Oracle CX, it was smooth, easy, and provided complete visibility.

Umang GuptaBusiness Systems Manager, Benzlers and Radicon

Why Benzlers and Radicon chose Oracle

Benzlers and Radicon selected Oracle Cloud ERP because it offered the broadest capabilities on one unified database. Also, the company selected Oracle Cloud CX to replace Salesforce because it gave the businesses better real-time information, which is crucial to the team.

Benzlers and Radicon units in the United States and the United Kingdom had used SAP’s ERP system, while their European Union counterparts used IBM systems. Rather than try to continually modify legacy systems that were not designed to work together, the Benzlers and Radicon teams decided it was time to settle on one ERP system. The significant time and cost involved in upgrading existing features on the legacy SAP and IBM systems made a strong case for migrating to a single cloud-based platform.

Benzlers and Radicon also opted for Oracle Cloud Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing to help streamline transactions among the companies and their customers and suppliers. Having Oracle Cloud ERP, SCM, and CX in an integrated suite of applications was a major reason the businesses decided to migrate to a single cloud solution versus upgrading and maintaining multiple hybrid on-premises and cloud applications from IBM, SAP, and Salesforce.

Benzlers and Radicon streamlined finance processes, improved reporting, and made data-based decisions while lowering costs.


Migrating to Oracle Cloud ERP helped Benzlers and Radicon improve multiple global business processes, streamline financial planning, and cut costs. Sales managers gained a single view into customers’ order-related information, improving decision-making and saving money and time. Oracle Cloud ERP also helped them embrace paperless invoicing.

The cloud-based platform enabled Benzlers and Radicon to quickly build, upgrade, and integrate new applications and processes in-house. In terms of migration, when the businesses migrated 15 years’ worth of data from Salesforce to Oracle CX, the move took less than three days. With all the data on Oracle Cloud, the teams benefited from improved transparency and easy availability of customer data.

The subsidiaries tapped the Oracle Cloud Customer Connect community for inspiration, to find out how various companies implemented their modules to address different scenarios and use cases, such as order management, shipping, fixed asset management, and more.


The businesses worked with implementation partner Evosys for Oracle Cloud ERP functional setup. Automation and all reporting solutions were developed internally by the Benzlers and Radicon teams. The CX initiative was implemented by the group’s business systems manager without any external consultants. The teams considered it an incredible experience to execute a seamless migration with a large volume of data and go live with a new CX system within 5 days.


Published:26 August 2022

About the customer

Radicon is a market leader in the design and manufacture of geared motors, industrial reducers, screw jacks, and couplings, with one of the broadest product lines in the industry. Benzlers’ products include traditional worm gears, geared motors, couplings, and industrial reducers, and also custom-engineered gearboxes to suit customers’ exact requirements in a range of applications and industries.