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Oracle Customer Success—MakeMyTrip Ltd.

MakeMyTrip Ltd.

MakeMyTrip Halves Average Call-Handling Time, Launches New Products in One Week Instead of Months, and Increases Business Revenue with CX Cloud


We chose Oracle Service Cloud because it offers one of the best, cloud-based customer service modules in the market, supporting our customer-centric corporate strategy. We gained a 360-degree view of customer information across all channels, halved agent call-handling time, enhanced the customer experience, and increased our business revenue.

— Venkatesh Bhardwaj, Senior Vice President, Technology, MakeMyTrip Ltd.

Founded in 2000, MakeMyTrip Ltd. is a leading travel-service provider that handles 47% of India’s online travel bookings, and offers offline services, such as holiday packages, through call centers, retail outlets, and franchised agencies. It provides access to all major domestic and international airlines, over 13,000 hotels and guesthouses across India, and more than 184,000 hotels outside the country, as well as rail and bus services. In addition to operating offices in 20 cities throughout the country, as well as international offices in New York and San Francisco, MakeMyTrip recently acquired two major online travel companies— and—to expand its presence in the global travel market.

Before implementing Oracle Service Cloud, MakeMyTrip was using various in-house systems to store customer information gained from inquiries and related interactions across multiple channels, including phone and e-mail systems. It was time-consuming for call-center agents to manually track this information, often resulting in delayed responses to customer queries, which, in turn, led to lost revenue opportunities. It was also costly for the company to maintain multiple systems and introduce new services for other business areas. With major acquisitions fueling the expansion of its online travel operations, MakeMyTrip needed a centralized customer experience (CX) system to track and support explosive growth in customer inquiries, such as questions about holiday packages for specific destinations, and enhance customer service.

MakeMyTrip deployed Oracle Service Cloud, including Oracle RightNow Dynamic Agent Desktop, Oracle RightNow Email Management Cloud Service, Oracle RightNow Chat Cloud Service, Oracle RightNow Outreach Cloud Service and Oracle RightNow Feedback Cloud Service, across the three major areas of its business, including offline holiday-package sales, marketing, and customer service. It provided agents with a 360-degree view of customer information through a single, cloud-based CX solution and reduced average call-handling time by 50%. It also enabled agents to provide repeat customers with more personalized service, increasing conversion rates and boosting business revenue. Further, MakeMyTrip can now launch new products in a week instead of months and gain deeper insight into campaign performance, supporting future growth at a lower cost.
  • Halves Average Call-Handling Time, Increases Business Revenue
    With disparate data sources for customer communication, such as e-mail and phone query response, MakeMyTrip could not easily track and manage an increasing number of customer inquiries, and failed to capitalize on new business opportunities. The lack of a centralized view of customer interaction history also made it difficult for call-center agents to provide rapid customer responses, leading to increased dissatisfaction.

    To transform the business from a sales-oriented to a customer-centric model, MakeMyTrip implemented a centralized, flexible, and scalable CX system built on Oracle Service Cloud to capture and consolidate customer interactions across all channels, such as phone, chat and e-mail, on the agent desktop, enabling agents to gain a 360-degree view of customer information, such as holiday booking history, without needing to search disparate systems. This reduced average call handling time by 50% and increased agent productivity.

    “Thanks to Oracle Service Cloud, our agents no longer have to spend time asking callers for their details and reason for calling. They recognize instantly if a customer is a frequent user, the services and add-ons they usually request, and whether or not they have a history of escalation, enabling us to deliver superior customer experience” said Venkatesh Bhardwaj, senior vice president, technology, MakeMyTrip Ltd. “In addition, our agents can provide more personalized service, such as offering discounted travel or meal coupons to loyal customers, which has increased the number inquiries we convert into bookings and improved business revenue.”
  • Automates Lead Assignment, Enables Efficient Call Center Operations
    Using Oracle Service Cloud’s pre-defined business rules, MakeMyTrip now automatically assigns chats and e-mails in the queue to the appropriate agents based on customer segment—for example, flight or hotel bookings only or complete holiday packages. This eliminates the time required for call-center supervisors to manually allocate a high volume of leads, enabling them to efficiently manage more complex sales inquiries.

    It also helped the company to more effectively allocate resources for specific call-center operations, such as deploying more agents to cover holiday package sales. This enabled MakeMyTrip to meet customers’ requirement to chat before finalizing their travel plans, such as amending complex travel itineraries with multiple airlines or hotel bookings, and maximize business opportunities.
  • Gains Actionable Insight, Launches New Products in One Week Instead of Months
    Oracle Service Cloud’s flexible and scalable platform enables MakeMyTrip to easily deploy new services, such as fixed or customized holiday packages, in one week instead of months, responding faster to changing market demand.

    “Launching a campaign to promote a new travel and accommodation offer, for example, is now just a copy and paste process. We simply create a distribution list, such as, to target a particular customer segment, and automatically allocate agents to manage the queries,” Bhardwaj said.

    MakeMyTrip’s marketing team can now rapidly execute high volume, personalized and targeted campaigns, such as specific holiday destination travel packages, through multiple channels, including e-mail, chat, and social media without extra cost. The Oracle Service Cloud’s campaign-tracking and marketing analytics features allow MakeMyTrip to monitor, track, and analyze end-to-end campaign performance through personalized dashboards, and provide senior management with real-time insight into accurate, actionable marketing knowledge, such as the number of leads generated from each channel. It helped the company to respond faster to customer demands such as holiday packages.

    “Oracle Service Cloud’s open architecture ensures seamless integration with multiple channels, enabling us to constantly monitor customer feedback and respond to changes, and provide customers with choices as to how they interact with us,” Bhardwaj said. 
  • Achieves High Scalability, Supports Growth at Lower Cost
    By deploying a flexible and scalable CX solution through Oracle Service Cloud, MakeMyTrip can rapidly roll out the solution to other business areas, such as back-office operations, at minimal cost.

    “Oracle Service Cloud is cost-effective and easy to deploy. We no longer need to worry about servers or databases, and there is no maintenance cost for us. It also provides seamless updates as newer versions become available, saving us time and money, and keeping us ahead of the competition in the travel industry,” Bhardwaj said.
Business Challenge
  • Improve visibility into customer inquiries and interactions across multiple channels including e-mail, website, chat, and social media, to enhance customer experience and reduce maintenance costs
  • Increase business revenue for the company’s travel package offerings by enabling agents to easily track and monitor customer information and respond faster to large volume of customer queries
  • Enhance competitive edge by launching new campaigns faster and providing senior management with deeper insight into each channel’s performance
  • Halved average call-handling time by capturing and consolidating customer interactions across multiple channels onto a centralized CX platform, enabling agents to view 360-degree customer information and increase productivity
  • Enhanced customer experience and increased business revenue by enabling agents to instantly view customer details and travel booking history, provide repeat customers with a more personalized service, and convert more inquiries into sales thanks to Oracle RightNow Dynamic Agent Desktop
  • Increased competitive edge by deploying new holiday and travel products in one week instead of months, thanks to the flexibility and scalability of Oracle Service Cloud
  • Gained ability to track and monitor a high volume of customer inquiries by using Oracle RightNow Chat Cloud Service and Oracle RightNow Email Management Cloud Service’s pre-defined business rules to automate lead assignment to the appropriate agents, enabling call center supervisors to focus on more complex sales inquiries
  • Improved visibility into lead management and enabled call-center managers to more efficiently deploy agents for specific call-center operations, such as holiday-package sales, maximizing business opportunities
  • Enabled marketing team to easily launch frequent and targeted campaigns through multiple channels, including e-mail, chat and social media without extra cost
  • Supported future growth by using Oracle Service Cloud’s open architecture to enable seamless integration with third-party applications, allowing ease of deployment to other business areas at minimal cost
  • Provided managers with real-time insight into end-to-end campaign performance by using personalized dashboard and analytics features to provide accurate, actionable marketing knowledge, such as the number of leads generated from each channel, and increased responsiveness to customer demand

Why They Chose Oracle

MakeMyTrip evaluated a number of CRM solutions and found that Oracle Service Cloud offered a comprehensive CX solution, including sales and a broad range of service modules, with single-vendor accountability and minimal configuration required for future expansion.

With Oracle Service Cloud, there is no maintenance cost and manual intervention for us. We were confident it would support our rapid business growth, while cutting significant IT costs.

— Venkatesh Bhardwaj, Senior Vice President, Technology, MakeMyTrip Ltd.


MakeMyTrip formed an evaluation team to define its business and technical requirements before selecting Oracle Service Cloud. It then rolled out the CX platform to the call centers for three lines of business over six months. Working with Oracle partner, Virtuos, MakeMyTrip’s IT team integrated Oracle Service Cloud with the company’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV enterprise resource planning system and other backend applications.

Advice from MakeMyTrip
  • Understand existing systems, integration points, and customizations required before moving to a customer experience platform
  • Select the best-suited application and adopt an open architecture to optimize integration with other enterprise systems
  • Engage an internal IT team to work with the Oracle Cloud Services team to deliver best results

About MakeMyTrip Ltd.


Gurgaon, India




Virtuos provided an end-to-end service for MakeMyTrip’s CX project, including system design, customizations, user training, and ongoing support.

“Virtuos demonstrated genuine expertise and commitment to ensure the success of the project and enable us to improve our customer experience by leveraging out-of-the-box capabilities of Oracle Service Cloud,” Bhardwaj said.
Published:  Sep 02, 2015