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Mankind Pharma Deploys Applications 8x Faster, Cuts Capital Expenditures by US$25,000 and Storage Costs by US$6,000 with Platform as a Service


By migrating to a high-performing, secure, reliable, and scalable Oracle Platform as a Service, we have reduced capital expenditure by US$25,000 and storage costs by US$6,000. We can create reports 11x faster and deliver training to global users 5x faster by launching training environment in just two days.

— Pramod Gokhale, Chief Information Officer, Mankind Pharma

Established in 1995, Mankind Pharma is one of India’s top five pharmaceutical companies. It offers a wide range of prescribed medicines including antibiotics, antifungals, cardiovascular, dermal, and erectile dysfunction, through a network of 75 carrying and forwarding agents and more than 7,500 stockists. It operates three manufacturing plants and four depots to receive finished products from its own plants and third-party vendors. Mankind Pharma also expanded its exports market to 15 countries across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. To become a customer-centric global leader in the pharmaceutical industry, Mankind Pharma adopted advanced technologies and strived to provide more accessible and affordable healthcare products.

  • Enable Mankind Pharma’s IT department to rapidly deliver internal sales application training to global users and deploy new applications faster
  • Improve the database performance for sales application and enable 12,000 users across India and overseas to quickly manage their daily activities, such as creating daily call reports or capturing tour plans
  • Support business growth by gaining the flexibility to easily expand database capacity rather than limiting to 500 GB
  • Reduced Mankind Pharma’s annual capital and operational expenditures (CapEx/OpEx), such as server and software licensing costs, by US$25,000 by migrating to Oracle Database Cloud Service and eliminating the need to build infrastructure for overseas training centers or use VPN client to access training modules
  • Created analytical reports, such as drug sample reports, 11x faster—in 2.5 minutes instead of 28 minutes—and enhanced user experience by using Oracle Database In-Memory 12c’s dual format architecture to optimize the performance of both analytic and online transaction processing (OLTP) workloads
  • Cut storage costs by approximately US$6,000 by achieving 90% compression rate with Oracle Database In-Memory 12c and reliably storing database backups via Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service instead of using tapes and upgrading storage hardware to support data growth
  • Enabled field employees to enter a transaction for daily call reports,  in just one minute rather than taking six minutes by removing analytic indexes for each transaction to speed up OLTP operations with Oracle In-Memory 12c’s column format
  • Launched development and training environment 28x faster—in 2 days compared to up to 8 weeks with the legacy environment—and met business demands by using Oracle Database Cloud Service’s tools to quickly set up and deploy training applications
  • Improved operating efficiency by easily expanding database capacity with Oracle Database In-Memory 12c and providing near immediate response to user queries, such as individual segment product sales for each country
  • Enabled seamless migration to Oracle Database In-Memory 12c and Oracle Database  Cloud Service in less than one month by using the same database as the on-premises system without changes to existing applications or hardware
  • Increased business agility by restoring databases 5x faster—4 hours only instead of 20 hours—and enabling the company to respond quickly to a changing industry environment, such as regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical industry
  • Saved time and cost for training by enabling trainers to deliver training to overseas employees in just 2 days instead of traveling to a particular location and taking up to 10 days to complete the training, thanks to a highly available Oracle Database Cloud Service
  • Minimized maintenance cycles by leveraging Oracle Platform as a Service to provide technical support for hardware and software and freeing up IT staff to drive innovation


We selected Oracle Database Cloud Service over other vendors, such as Amazon and IBM, because nothing is better than Oracle managing its own databases. We could also easily migrate the existing database license to Oracle Database In-Memory 12c and minimize capital expenditure.

— Pramod Gokhale, Chief Information Officer, Mankind Pharma


With assistance from the Oracle India team, Mankind Pharma completed the upgrade to Oracle Database In-Memory 12c in just 1 week and took another 15 days to fine tune the performance. It also successfully migrated and restored databases in only three days with Oracle Database Cloud Service and Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service.

“I would recommend Oracle Database In-Memory 12c to companies that are looking for drastic improvement in database performance and reduction in database size. They can simply use the existing database license and migrate to the new platform without changes to applications and investment in new hardware,” Gokhale said.

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Published:  Nov 03, 2016