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Polycab Wires Pvt. Ltd.

Polycab Wires Creates HR Reports 2x Faster, Gains Real-Time Performance Insight, and Enhances Competitive Edge with HCM Cloud Solution


We adopted Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud because it offers a scalable, intuitive, and more comprehensive cloud solution. We can create reports 2x faster and monitor ongoing performance—boosting our competitive edge.

— Anand Rao, Vice President and Group Head, Human Resources, Polycab Wires Pvt., Ltd.

Established as a small retail outlet business in 1968, Polycab Wires Pvt., Ltd. has become the largest and fastest-growing wire and cable manufacturer in India, with over US$770 million in revenue. It operates 16 factories that manufacture a wide range of innovative wires and cables—including high-voltage, instrumentation, optic fiber, electro-beam, light duty cables, rubber cables, and house wires—to meet specific customer needs across sectors such as construction, energy, oil and gas, transportation, and telecommunications. Other Polycab factories produce switchgear, fans, and pipes.

To support 13% year-on-year growth and become a top-10 global cable manufacturer over the next decade, Polycab aims to triple revenue, quadruple profits, and quintuple market capitalization by 2020 through investment in technology and workforce skills-development programs.
  • Provide a single view of employee information across multiple factories and enable the company to gain insight into staff performance and competencies, and attract more hard-to-find talent in the manufacturing industry, such as finance and IT support staff
  • Develop appropriate reward and training programs to continuously upgrade employee skill sets—such as operating state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery—and retain talent, which is critical in the highly competitive wire and cable production industry
  • Gain capability to set and monitor employee goals that support ongoing performance management and align with business priorities, such as producing high-quality cable product and offering the most competitive pricing
  • Enable staff members to easily use and update human resources (HR) information to accelerate user adoption and enhance data accuracy
  • Enhanced employee data integrity and generated HR reports 2x faster by deploying Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud (Oracle HCM Cloud) to automatically integrate employee data from multiple data sources across factories, and deliver a complete view of role structures—such as reporting relationships—across the entire organization
  • Increased productivity per employee to US$146,174 annually and reduced labor and administration costs by providing employees with self-service capabilities—such as updating personal records and managing performance and development goals—which enabled the HR department to focus on more strategic roles
  • Helped consolidate competitive edge by sustaining 23% market share and gaining 13% annual growth rate—compared to an average 8% growth rate for the cable and wire manufacturing industry as a whole—thanks to a flexible and scalable Oracle HCM Cloud
  • Increased user adoption by up to 3x—from 800 to 2,300 staff members—by using a highly visual and intuitive employee dashboard with Oracle HCM Cloud and enabling users to easily access and update information
  • Improved company-strategy visibility by enabling managers to easily set and track staff-member progress toward performance and development goals, and ensuring alignment with organizational objectives, such as producing safer power cables for the housing market, thanks to Oracle Fusion Goal Management Cloud Service
  • Supported proactive HR decisions by using Oracle Performance Management Cloud to deliver real-time performance insight—including cable-revenue targets and productivity per employee—enabling managers to easily compare employees’ competencies and goals and take faster corrective action, such as developing required skills-training programs
  • Improved staff retention and reduced recruitment costs by providing managers with easy-to-view performance history and enabling them to quickly identify and reward high-performing and high-potential employees—minimizing the risk of losing top talent in the highly competitive cable and wire manufacturing industry


We chose Oracle HCM Cloud over other solutions because of its scalability and more comprehensive functionality to support our growth. It also allows us to easily monitor ongoing performance, act quickly to retain top talent, and enhance our competitiveness.

— Anand Rao, Vice President and Group Head, Human Resources, Polycab Wires Pvt., Ltd.


Polycab decided to replace its legacy HR system with Oracle HCM Cloud—including Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management Base Cloud Service, Oracle Performance Management Cloud, and Oracle Fusion Goal Management Cloud Service—to improve employee data integrity and performance management. Oracle also provided extensive user training to ensure smooth transition to the new HR platform. Polycab completed the project in just five months and within budget.

About Polycab Wires Pvt. Ltd.


Mumbai, India



Annual Revenue

$500 Million to $1 Billion


Polycab engaged Oracle Platinum Partner KPMG—which had previously assisted it to implement Oracle E-Business Suite and its Oracle customer relationship management system—to configure Oracle HCM Cloud to meet the company’s business requirements.

“With KPMG’s deep understanding of our industry and business requirements, its team delivered a flexible and scalable Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud to support our growth strategy,” Rao said.
Published:  Mar 08, 2016