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Announcing Oracle Support Rewards

Tuesday, June 22, 2021 | Original broadcast

Announcing a new program to help customers speed migrations to the cloud while reducing their software license support costs

At Oracle, we are committed to protecting customer investments in our technology. We’ve built a complete suite of integrated cloud applications along with a modern, high-performance cloud computing platform that offers our customers a complete cloud solution. Now, with Oracle Support Rewards, Oracle is making it even easier and more affordable to innovate and modernize on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The program is simple: use OCI, earn rewards, and reduce your support bill. Learn more about this incredible opportunity to cut costs and accelerate your cloud adoption.

KEYNOTE: Larry Ellison, Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer, Oracle
Anil Cheriyan, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Technology, Cognizant
Peter Jazowick, Head of Global Technology (CIO), Specialized Bicycles
Mervyn Lally, Senior Vice President, Chief Enterprise Architect, Experian Information Technology Services (EITS)
Álvaro Gaviño, Behavioral Economics Global Leader, BBVA and Director of the Behavioral Economics Observatory
Pietro Labriola, Chief Executive Officer, TIM Brasil

Condensed-Oracle Live: Announcing Oracle Support Rewards (12:30)

Learn why leading organizations trust Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Support Rewards

Cognizant moved its core Oracle systems to Oracle Cloud (0:57)

Cognizant’s EVP of strategy and technology describes how Oracle Support Rewards makes it easier for Cognizant to move many of its core Oracle on-premises systems to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, reinforcing the partnership between the two companies.

Specialized sees 50x improvement in performance (1:03)

Facing unprecedented in demand for its bikes, Specialized migrated Oracle E-Business Suite and 150+ custom integrations to Oracle Cloud. Discover how Oracle Support and Oracle Support Rewards accelerate Specialized’s move to the cloud.

Experian enhances data platforms for consumers (0:43)

Experian uses Oracle applications in its data centers to power ERP, financials, and product innovation. Learn how Oracle Support Rewards improves the business case for moving these workloads to the cloud, reducing the friction of transformation.

BBVA improves results by 200% with OCI and data science (0:49)

One of the largest global banks, BBVA has improved customer engagement through behavioral economics and Oracle Cloud's technology platform. See how Oracle has enabled artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Telecom Italia Mobile Brasil transforms with multicloud (0:56)

TIM Brasil is the first Brazilian communications provider to move 100% of its IT workloads to the cloud. As part of a multicloud strategy, the provider is moving its billing systems, CRM, and VMware workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Leading manufacturer achieves 100% uptime and 30% savings (1:34)

See how Sigma Electric, a leading manufacturer of electrical components, migrated its JD Edwards ERP to OCI for greater reliability, reduced cost, and improved performance.

Oracle Support Rewards demonstrates an interesting innovation in terms of the business model for cloud computing. By accumulating rewards from using OCI customers can offset the cost of support for other Oracle solutions.

Roy Illsley, Chief Analyst, Omdia

Oracle Support Rewards

Use OCI. Earn rewards. Reduce your bill.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the Oracle Support Rewards program?

    Oracle Support Rewards is a program that provides additional value to Oracle’s on-premises software customers who also consume Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services. Customers earn support rewards based on their consumption of OCI services that are then applied as a form of payment for their Software Update License and Support for Oracle Technology Programs.

  • Who is eligible for this program?

    Customers using Oracle’s on-premises software become eligible for Oracle Support Rewards when they enter a new Universal Credits order and begin consuming OCI. OCI Pay As You Go customers are not eligible at this time.

  • Is this program available globally?

    Yes. This is available in all regions at launch, except for US Public Sector.

  • Do I accrue rewards for my Oracle SaaS usage?

    No. Though Oracle Cloud Applications run on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Cloud Applications such as Oracle Cloud ERP are not eligible

  • How are rewards accrued?

    As OCI services are consumed, customers accrue Support Rewards to apply as a form of payment to any open invoice for on-premises support of Oracle Technology Programs.

  • What are the accrual rates?

    This will vary based on the customer scenario. For customers who have a current Unlimited License Agreement (ULA), rewards will accrue at 33% (US$0.33 for each US$1.00 of consumption). For all others, rewards accrue at 25% (US$0.25 for each US$1.00 of consumption).