Oracle Stream Analytics Project


Reaching the right customer at the right time is a crucial component of good customer experience. Here’s how HDFC Bank did it.

Business context

To reach the right customer, at the right time, with the right messaging is an ethos central to HDFC Bank. To achieve this, the Bank planned to use streaming data to generate real-time offers based on credit card payments on POS and ATM machines. For example, when a customer withdraws money using their credit card, the bank could send a personal loan offer to them based on their transaction data. To do this, the Bank needed to build a foundational capability to process streaming data.

Solution deployed

Oracle helped the Bank implement Oracle Stream Analytics which allowed it to send real-time offers to credit card customers when a transaction was performed. Initially applied to the credit card business, the unmatched success of the solution soon led to its expansion into debit card transactions as well. As a result, the Bank moved their business-critical workload of sending all SMS and e-mail alerts for credit and debit card transactions to this platform.


Alerts based on customised offers could be sent to the customer’s phone within 3-5 seconds of the transaction. In other words, in real time. This allowed the Bank to reach out to customers with relevant offers, at the exact moment they were ready and willing to act. With customer satisfaction and business growth set to reach newer heights, Oracle’s capabilities and HDFC Bank’s creative implementation in this area proved to be another milestone in this remarkable partnership.

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