Oracle Hospitality Nor1 CheckIn Merchandising

Inspire front-desk agents to elevate the guest experience at check-in. Oracle Hospitality Nor1 CheckIn Merchandising creates compelling upsell offers for room and non-room inventory for every hotel guest, regardless of booking channel or contact-data availability. Agents can view dynamically priced offers in real time, allowing hotels to maximize revenue growth.

Discover 10 ways to increase revenue.

Discover the power of Oracle Nor1 CheckIn Merchandising

Empower exceptional service

With an easy-to-use interface, staff can see what offers are relevant and available for each guest. They can provide meaningful experiences without manual processes for an interaction that is satisfying to both guests and staff.

Train staff with powerful, free online tools

Hotel staff and management have full access to Nor1’s on-demand training portal—completely free. Keep all appropriate staff, regardless of position, trained and updated, and bring new staff on board during their first shift.

Better together: Nor1 and OPERA PMS

The combination of CheckIn Merchandising and OPERA PMS makes upselling and checking a guest in faster than any manual system.

Harness the power of artificial intelligence

CheckIn Merchandising uses PRIME, Nor1's powerful machine learning technology to present offers with the highest probability of conversion. Offer selection, pricing, and presentation are fully automated and work within any revenue strategy.

Real-time business intelligence

BI capability is built into the application, enabling management to understand revenue performance by offer and by agent. Use the data to manage offer sets, coach staff, and improve revenue.

Zero financial risk

A performance-based revenue model offers a no-risk incremental revenue generation solution.

Make an offer to every guest

Present an upsell offer to every guest, regardless of booking channel. Target third-party bookers to drive loyalty and keep your most-loyal guests satisfied.

Present relevant offers the guest will buy

Machine learning technology selects offers based on guests’ reservation data along with millions of other data points. Guests will be more disposed to accept offers because the offers are relevant to their stay.

Benefits of CheckIn Merchandising

Inspire front-desk agents to elevate the guest experience at check-in.

  • 01Deliver exceptional guest experiences

    Show guests that you know what they want by producing relevant, engaging offers using machine-learning technology.

  • 02Bolster staff confidence

    Allow front-desk agents to confidently make offers, knowing they’ll make guest stays special.

  • 03Drive upselling with AI

    Let Nor1’s PRiME select, price, and present offers while you focus on revenue-growing strategies.

  • 04Create more revenue opportunities

    Merchandise hotel outlets (restaurant, spa, bar) as well as room inventory.

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