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Innovating Today for India’s Tomorrow

Through a partnership that is now celebrating 25 years, Oracle has helped HDFC Bank take several necessary steps forward by contributing to cutting-edge technology and infrastructure that has taken the Indian banking ecosystem to the next level, with an eye on digital India and positive social change.

"If you don’t dream, what are you going to do?"

Adithya Puri

Managing Director (1994-2020), HDFC Bank


Partnering for India’s Tomorrow

We take a deep dive into the enduring partnership between HDFC Bank and Oracle and explore the journey they have embarked on so far.

Explore the Journey

The wind beneath our wings

HDFC Bank leaders recollect the achievements and experiences of the partnership

Here's what they are saying

The Digital Journey

The story of India’s growing digital banking ecosystem

Explore the eras of innovation

Success Stories

The partnership between HDFC Bank and Oracle paved the way for a rewarding and, in many ways, a pathbreaking digital journey.

Read all about it


HDFC Bank Insights

Banking For The Future

“We wanted to go above and beyond to provide our customers with a unique experience, a unique product."

Bhavesh Zaveri
Group Head- Operations and Technology

Munish Mittal

“From the very beginning, Oracle Financial System Software (OFSS) had been our technology partner of choice.."

Munish Mittal
Group Head-IT & CIO

Rahul Shukla

"Oracle has been the gold standard in terms of the software as well as the database support .."

Rahul Shukla
Group Head- Corporate and Business Banking

Ashima Bhat

"Oracle's dealings with us are as old as we are"

Ashima Bhat
Group Head (Business Finance and Strategy, Administration and Infrastructure)

Partnering for India’s Tomorrow

We take a deep dive into the enduring partnership between HDFC Bank and Oracle and explore the journey they have embarked on so far.

HDFC Bank story
Oracle story

The wind beneath our wings

Sanjay Desai


“I believe that our autonomous journey with Oracle will define the future of banking. While most banks are still exploring DevOps, we have already ventured into NoOps. I believe this will be key to scaling operations, especially in a country with 1.4 billion people and over 900 million mobile users. The government’s decision to do away with two-factor authentication for small ticket value transactions reduces the transaction time by almost 10-20%. This is going to be a major change and Oracle’s journey towards autonomous and cloud is going to help us in a big way in enhancing customer experience.”

Anand Sankararaman


“One of the biggest opportunities for us, with Oracle, in the near future, is to engage and ensure that our core banking software platform, FLEXCUBE, is taken to the next level– that is, scaling it from the monolith it is right now. I also envision technology to support and scale the investments we have made across software, hardware, or platforms so that we can operate in a very efficient manner”.

V Sundar


“I think the relationship between HDFC Bank and Oracle transcends beyond just technology. Oracle has supported us throughout our journey, and I can trust them going forward as well. There are many things that both Oracle and the Bank have co-created and the microservices architecture on the Oracle private cloud, that we enabled for OBP, was a particularly excellent joint effort.”

Vaibhav Samant


“HDFC Bank started off as a born-digital bank with the Oracle Microbanker as our core banking platform. In time, we have grown with the amalgamation of Times Bank and Centurion Bank. Here again, the Oracle team helped us attain the stability needed to seamlessly integrate and migrate from different systems and scale upwards. Powered by the current Oracle stack, we open about 20,000 accounts a day and process more than 1 crore UPI transactions. The continuous engagement between the Bank and Oracle for over 25 years has evolved this relationship from a vendor to a partner relationship. I would credit this to the constant support from all Oracle teams across the board.”

Asmita Gada


“We have had milestone achievements with Oracle as our technology partner. Among the notable ones is what we achieved in the security area– something very pertinent for our business. A lot of the landmark projects and milestones in HDFC Bank’s journey in core banking and innovation were achieved through our partnership with Oracle.”

Gopakumar Panicker


“The volatile nature of today’s markets today places an unpredictable workload on our Oracle Banking Platform middleware. We needed to ensure that the platform can scale to provide the customer with uninterrupted services despite staggering volumes. Partnering with Oracle, we completely re-engineered the OBP as a containerized platform on the Oracle Cloud at Customer. This allowed us to achieve seamless scalability on demand. I am proud to say that, today, this allows us to support 40 million transactions on the platform successfully.”

The Digital Journey

The story of India’s growing digital banking ecosystem
digital bank

A digital bank by the people, for the people

HDFC Bank was founded in 1996 with the aim to create “a world class Indian bank ” with a strong technology-centric business model.

Building a bank

Building a bank around the customer

The Bank’s meteoric growth made it necessary to implement a strong core banking system. In 2003, the Bank implemented the Oracle FLEXCUBE core banking system.

operational overhaul

The great operational overhaul

The Bank’s rapidly growing customer base raised significant capacity challenges.

Transitioning to the cloud

Transitioning to the cloud, Service-oriented Architecture, and more

In 2011, HDFC Bank successfully deployed a flexible private cloud ecosystem.

A bank of the future

A bank of the future, built on trust

2017 marked the beginning of HDFC Bank’s journey towards an inclusive and simplified operating structure.

Going Digital 2.0

Going Digital 2.0

In 2019, scalability was the need of the hour. So, the Bank moved the Oracle Banking Platform (OBP) to the cloud through Oracle Cloud@Customer.

Success Stories

The partnership between HDFC Bank and Oracle paved the way for a rewarding and, in many ways, a pathbreaking digital journey. For each success story, there was an equally valuable learning experience.
But every story journey has one element in common– when obstacles and challenges loomed large, it was creativity and innovation that came to the rescue.

From Finware to Oracle FLEXCUBE

The shift from Finware to Oracle FLEXCUBE was a defining point in HDFC Bank’s digital journey.

A Post-SOA framework to transform customer experience

The implementation of Service-oriented Architecture(SOA) transformed the fabric of digital banking at HDFC Bank. Here’s how.

Oracle stream analytics project

Reaching the right customer at the right time is a crucial component of good customer experience. Here’s how HDFC Bank did it.

PULA with Oracle for rapid digitalization

The Perpetual Unlimited License Agreement (PULA) was a landmark step in strengthening the relationship between HDFC Bank and Oracle. Find out more.

Implementing HFM to reduce branch-wise data load and consolidation time

Oracle was able to implement a financial management solution at HDFC Bank. Learn about the process here.

Oracle’s cloud journey with HDFC Bank

In 2017, HDFC Bank decided to migrate its services to the cloud and changed the game. Learn more about what went into this transformation.

The middleware initiative at HDFC Bank

Middleware played a major role in advancing HDFC Bank’s core banking services with streamlined analytics capabilities and real-time insights. Learn more here.

Oracle Access Manager enables Single Sign-on (SSO)

HDFC Bank needed a secure and scalable solution to allow customers ease of access through the Single Sign-on (SSO) feature. Learn more.

Revamping the banking ledger with Oracle E–Business Suite

To tackle growing business complexities, HDFC Bank implemented Oracle E-Business Suite to transform its banking ledger structure. Here’s how.

Ensuring maximum database availability with zero data loss

HDFC Bank deployed Oracle Data Guard to ensure zero data loss. Learn more about the process and implementation here.

The OFSAA journey at HDFC Bank: Staying compliant with Basel and IFRS

Learn how OFSAA was implemented in various stages at the Bank and how it helped them stay compliant with international banking regulations like Basel and IFRS.

Simplifying loans with an integrated Loan Management System

HDFC Bank implemented Oracle’s Loan Management System to streamline and manage a large volume of daily loan activity. Learn how.

Impact Stories

Customized service offerings with stream analytics

HDFC Bank has always strived to provide rewarding experiences to its customers. This means giving customers relevant, personalised, and timely opportunities to expand their banking footprint.

Impact Stories

Increased responsiveness of customers’ digital ecosystem through seamless cloud-based third-party integrations

In an increasingly digital world, customers often transact through multiple third-party platforms such as eCommerce portals, online food delivery platforms, wallets and more. The growing burden of supporting third-party transactions was putting pressure on HDFC Bank’s core banking system.

Impact Stories

Uninterrupted availability with negligible unplanned downtime

With customers at the centre of all initiatives, both Oracle and HDFC Bank have co-created products, features, and services that cater to ever-evolving customer needs. One such need is round-the-clock availability.

Impact Stories

Smoother customer experience through service-oriented architecture (SOA)

During the mid-2010s, HDFC Bank’s growing customer base made it necessary to enhance their customer-facing operations.

Impact Stories

Integrated loan management system for an enhanced customer experience

Using innovations in technology to create superlative customer experiences is a core value of HDFC Bank. The Bank partnered with Oracle to deploy a four-node architecture-based Loan Management System (LMS) that would take customer convenience to the next level.

Towards a Digital Future

HDFC Bank and Oracle’s long-standing partnership has spurred a series of ground-breaking innovations that have propelled the Indian banking industry to new heights. The deep-rooted digital ideology that these organizations share underpins their long-term desire to innovate. Digitalization has allowed the partnership to offer customers cost efficiency and security at scale, while making every customer interaction an exceptional one.

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Global Key Account Director


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