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Oracle Helps Utilities Thrive

We’re proud to partner with the world’s hardest-working electric, water, and natural gas companies to empower, enhance, and enable your every day.

We celebrate the amazing automation & analytics work of one of our favorite utilities, Kansas City Power & Light.

We Have the Answer

Whether your issues fall under assets, data, systems, field service, demand-side management/energy efficiency, or customer service, we can help you solve them.

Do the digital

Today’s utility world is online and interconnected

We’ve been heralding the coming of our industry’s digital transformation for years. Now it’s here. To conquer this changing market, you need a partner on the forefront of that transition.

Customer love

Today’s utility world is customer-focused and customer-driven

You realize the customer is the nucleus of your business model, and you know she’s going to be increasingly involved with your brand. Let’s work together to make her experience easy and seamless.

Gas insights

Today’s natural gas utility is safe and modern

You supply local homes and businesses with efficient, affordable natural gas, and it’s becoming a safer, cleaner energy option every day. Now it’s time to maximize efficiencies with the right partner.

Water world

Today’s water utility is secure and efficient

You’re crafting a clean and sustainable water future using smart planning to overcome water scarcity and infrastructure issues. To maximize value, you need a partner that knows your hurdles.

Transform the Future of Utility Companies

Transforming the future of utility companies requires a cloud platform to activate dual innovation. See how Oracle can help you maintain operational reliability and innovate new business models.

You need simple solutions to tackle increasingly complex challenges in the utility sector. Learn more about new technologies and innovations that solve today's problems.

Utilities Illuminate Tomorrow

Strategists from Alectra, Southern Company and Ervia reveal how their utilities are investing in new technology and new methodology to pave the way for that smart grid (and smart home) coming quickly to fruition.

Global Insights:

100+ Utilities Talk to Us About Analytics

We surveyed utilities around the world and asked about the new tech they're using in field service and how they see mobility evolving.

Global Insights:

Build Your Data-Savvy Network

As your utility preps for a sustainable future, we have insights on engaging customers and planning tech from our own expert, a partner utility and a trusted media source.

Global Insights:

Lay the Foundation for Innovation

Utilities increasingly need to adapt to disruption while also providing continued safe and reliable service. We partnered with Navigant Research to find the secret to dual innovation success.


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