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Bengaluru Group Three

  Startup Description
  dressire An artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics-based solution, Dressire helps malls, retailers, and brands understand what products can be shown to which customers, even if they have no historical purchase data about the customers. It helps them provide an individualized experience for both “walk-in” and “online” shoppers by personalizing the entire inventory for each shopper in real-time.
  musicmuni Riyaz is an AI-powered pocket music guru which helps people sing better. In a gamified environment, Riyaz gives instant visual feedback showing the nature of mistakes made and guides you. The solution brings the intelligence of a human teacher to your pocket. It exploits technology that leverages artificial intelligence and a user-generated knowledge-base for scaling music education to the masses.
  safe hats SafeHats is a bug bounty and vulnerability coordination platform for enterprises, powered by crowdsourced security researchers. It enables enterprises to create and run their own bug bounty programs to secure their applications. It provides managed programs for enterprises with a curated list of security researchers who work on an on-demand basis.
  statlabs StatLabs is a credit-risk analytics platform provided as a SaaS model for improved default prediction, fraud detection, and credit-risk prediction.
  teknospire Teknospire offers a 360-degree banking solution for “the last mile” through its flagship product suite, FinX. It enables financial inclusion for every individual, while they come together to build cashless societies. Financial institution partners can understand their needs in order to build innovative, highly secured, robust, cost-effective, and scalable solutions.

Bengaluru Group Two

  Startup Description
  ezeDox ezeDox is a digital locker built on the Aadhaar ecosystem using India Stack building blocks to connect organizations and users. It provides digitally signed online applications, eKYC enablement, storage, collaboration, categorization, tagging, browsing, and document sharing. is a data science and predictive analytics firm that provides dynamic price locks to hold airfares for undecided travelers, giving them more time to plan. It has an extensive risk management process to keep lock-pricing attractive to end customers while mitigating the operational risks involved for air carriers.
  Re#hash Re#hash is a platform for the post-sales lifecycle management of consumer products. After a product is purchased, this app enables repair, service, renew, resale, or recycle in just a few clicks. This is a one-stop tool to manage products from cradle (date of purchase) to grave (end-of-life recycling).
  SonderConnect Sonder Connect is a not-for-profit trust founded by four women who identify, nurture, and champion high potential women-led startups in India with the goal of growing them to be multimillion/billion dollar companies.
  Trendlyne Trendlyne is a financial services advisor marketplace that provides equity scoring, analytics (including interactive charts with bullish/bearish/fundamentals indicators), custom alerts, and an aggregated business newsfeed.

Bengaluru Group One

  Startup Description
  expertrec ExpertRec is a plug-and-play search and recommendation engine for online marketplaces in an easy-to-use SaaS integration. Customers need only add a single line of code to enable these advanced features on their website.
  niyo Niyo Solutions is a financial technology (fintech) startup focused on alternate payment mechanisms.
  ray The Ray iCare solution is a wall-mounted sleep-monitoring device for potential sufferers from epilepsy, sudden infant death syndrome, or cardiac attacks. It uses artificial intelligence to notify caregivers through a mobile app.
  tydy Tydy is a mobile-first, automated employee onboarding platform. It gives executives a clear view of the performance of the onboarding process—a process that was never before quantifiable.
  vear Vear is an augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) platform which is device-agnostic. Brands can use this AR/VR technology to distribute their content, campaigns, and more to end users.

Delhi Group One

  Startup Description
  chatteron Chatteron is an end-to-end chatbot development platform that enables global businesses to build AI conversational agents over chat. The platform allows enterprises to build virtual assistants that learn from customer interactions and provide an omnichannel experience that integrates with the company's information and back-end systems.
  digital agents Digital Agents is a platform which helps to create interactive 3D, AR, and VR applications. A preset framework is used to customize it to the customer’s requirements, add 3D assets, and go live. This solution will transform existing marketing, sales, and training channels by making them more responsive, interactive, and engaging.
  i nicu cloud iNICU is an IoT, big data, and cloud-based child care solution to continuously monitor the critical data points of preterm, neonatal, and emergency ward infants and build inferences and models to support medical teams.
  original 4 sure Original4Sure provides supply-chain visibility to manufacturers to help stop counterfeiting of their products. The solution helps enterprises gain insights into production and distribution of their products across geographies. Serialization Suite, coupled with a hardware solution, helps manufacturers serialize the products at tertiary, secondary, and primary packaging levels via encrypted random serial numbers in the form of QR codes.
  rep up RepUp controls the entire guest experience across the three phases of the guest journey—pre-stay, during stay, and post-stay. RepUp provides a unified approach using an intelligent process automation solution for guest experience management. It also provides integration with external applications.

Mumbai Group One

  Startup Description
  disprz Disprz is an enterprise knowledge and enablement platform that creates a culture of continuous professional development by bridging the gap between learning and working. Disprz’s state-of-the-art, mobile-first cloud and AI-powered platform creates tangible business impact through continuous skill enhancement, AI-driven team management, and knowledge linked with impact analytics.
  doloop technologies doLoop Technologies uses technology automation and machine-learning techniques to solve key problems of clinical data integration and data standardization. The company has the vision to accelerate the clinical trial drug-development process by providing automated clinical analytics software solutions to the global pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.
  ip hawk IPHawk, a legal tech company, uses artificial intelligence to monitor and defend intellectual property—such as brands, trademarks, and copyrights—for enterprises around the world. The company aims to provide autonomous legal response capabilities to organizations facing IP infringement.
  kivi health KiViHealth is an AI-based platform that improves doctor–patient engagement and patient's adherence through medical protocols, templated prescription writing, automated communication, and speech to text. The solution has a virtual receptionist for doctors that gathers medical information from patients and schedules appointments. Prescription is powered by algorithms which suggest medicines based on complaints.
  money to Moneytor leverages technology to make the currently fragmented stressed receivables market more efficient. It improves default recovery rates utilizing machine learning and proprietary algorithms.

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