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White paper: Securing SaaS at Scale
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Boosts Performance by 2.5x

Cisco Tetration’s switch to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) boosted CPU utilization from 3% to 5% up to 75%, delivered 2.5x more performance than on-premises appliance.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI): purpose-built for enterprises
Self-Patching Databases

Self-Patching Databases: More Secure, Less Disruption

IDC says Oracle Autonomous Database performs timely, automatic patches without manual intervention.

Modern Customer Experience

Master the Experience Economy

Connect with legends across marketing, service, sales, and commerce. Modern Customer Experience, March 19–21, Las Vegas.

Oracle Autonomous Database

Autonomous Database: Fully Automated, Ever-Vigilant

Time to create rather than administrate. Sit back, relax, and let Oracle do the driving with the world’s first autonomous database.

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Java SE for Developers
Java SE Development Kit (JDK) 11

Take advantage of tools for developing and testing programs written in the Java programming language.

Oracle Cloud
Free Cloud Trial: Up to 3,500 Hours

Tap into emerging tech, database, integration, and more services.

Oracle Database
Oracle Database 18c

Take advantage of Enterprise/Standard editions of Oracle’s latest database.

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Database Load Times Improve
80% with Oracle Exadata

Halliburton closes books 25% faster thanks to performance gains.

“We love Exadata. It’s easy to tune and the performance is phenomenal.”

Shane Miller, Senior Director, Global Infrastructure and Ops