Smart Connected Warehouse

Smart Connected Warehouse

Consumer demand volatility, human error, and market competition are constantly adding to the pressure to improve efficiencies, quality, and safety. Oracle provides a modern platform to collaboratively manage and improve your warehouse operations by connecting equipment, quality sensors, and workers to your warehouse processes. Oracle’s Smart Connected Warehouse provides you a 360-degree of operations, so you can better predict maintenance and quality issues, reduce downtime, improve inventory and product traceability, and optimize space.

Key Benefits


Warehouse Workforce Management and Safety

Set and measure material-handling goal times and actuals for warehousing tasks and activities. And set and monitor worker safety risks and behaviors to achieve better regulatory compliance.


Automate and Industrialize Your Warehouse Activity

Gain real-time insights from connected material handling and storage equipment to improve quality of products, orders, inventory, throughput, and operations.


Gain Real-time Insights from Connected Assets

Improve profitability through automated monitoring and predictive and intelligent alerts. Gain insights and improve visibility into situational condition and sensors like temperature to predict future events and actions.

Featured Products

Smart Connected Warehouse

Supply Chain Management

Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud

Oracle warehouse management solutions support complex fulfilment operations and provide inventory visibility from the distribution center to the store shelf, so you can improve labor and space utilization, reduce fulfilment costs, and improve inventory and delivery accuracy.

Internet of Things Apps

IoT Asset Monitoring

Gain real-time insights from connected assets and devices. Improve profitability through automated monitoring and asset alerts. Improve visibility into asset condition and temperature and predict future events.

Internet of Things Apps

IoT Connected Worker

Ensure worker health and safety, achieve better regulatory compliance, and gain real-time visibility into worker health, location, and work environment. Boost worker safety, improve compliance with work safety regulations, and improve worker efficiency.

Smart Connected Warehouse Resources

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Modern Warehouse Management

Learn why the new fulfillment economy will demand more from your warehouse management system.

Welcome to the Fulfillment Economy

Welcome to the Fulfillment Economy

A single, 360-degree view of your warehouse operations can only be achieved by introducing greater efficiencies into the fulfillment platform.