Oracle Communications Customer Experience Analytics

Insightful Customer 360° Dashboard

Provide customer-facing employees with a 360-degree application that provides near real-time access to a full set of impactful customer KPIs and QoE indicators in a single dashboard.

  • This diagram shows how the Big Data Platform is a key component in the Oracle Communications Analytics portfolio.

  • This architecture diagram illustrates how source data is mapped to a common data warehouse for presentation by the CXA application.

  • This is a sample customer dashboard showing various metrics.

  • This is a sample customer segmentation report based on poor service availability and high churn probability.

Communications Customer Experience Analytics

Impactful Customer Interaction

  • Prebuilt smart dashboard of KPIs and QoE indicators
  • Real-time 360-degree subscriber view, including churn probability and lifetime value
  • Visual detection of customer and service experience issues
  • Provides segmentation dashboards for retention and upsell/cross-sell processes

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