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Always-On Communications Security

Protect Your Business Communications

Today’s cyberattackers are better resourced than ever and are launching more sophisticated and evolving attacks on your real-time communications network. Each attack increases operational risks and can cost enterprises millions of dollars. Oracle Communications Security Shield Cloud (OCSS) provides you with the highest level of protection by applying adaptive intelligence and dynamic verification to every call, automatically enforcing policy-based mitigation, and delivering a 360-degree view of your communications traffic, all in real-time.

Key Business Benefits:

Communications Security for Contact Centers and Enterprises

  • Protects your enterprise’s communications with a cloud security service
  • Delivers actionable insights via 360-degree visualization of your communications traffic, its risks, and your mitigation options
  • Validates caller identity by using adaptive intelligence and risk assessments
  • Employs threat signature detection, behavioral threat analytics, and anomaly detection methods to keep malicious callers out, one call at a time
  • Generates automated, policy-based enforcement actions for every call

Maximize your investment in OCSS Cloud with Oracle Communications Consulting

  • Installation, deployment and configuration
  • Assurance that OCSS Cloud actions and rulesets are being correctly interpreted by your enforcement points
  • On-going data interpretation, configuration tuning and policy adjustments to keep your network safe and secure
Maximize your investment in OCSS
See It In Action

Product Features

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360° Real-Time Visibility

Oracle’s service delivers an end-to-end view of your real-time communications traffic, including security threats and the actionable insights for eliminating them.

Oracle Communications Security Shield Cloud’s dashboard provides a view of:

  • Communications traffic: Traffic metrics and patterns
  • Threat detection: Source and frequency of who and what is threatening you
  • Reputation scoring: Scoring all calls for risk potential
  • Actionable insights: Smarter threat handling

Dynamic Risk Assessment

Advanced AI/ML analyzes every call to identify fraudulent activity and malicious behavior, superseding static, rule-based or knowledge-based authentication systems.

Oracle’s solution provides:

  • Threat-signature detection based on known traffic patterns
  • Traffic behavior detection, including for calls to/from suspicious number ranges
  • Anomaly detection classifies the type of caller and distinguishes risky callers

Real-Time Enforcement

Based upon dynamic risk assessment, Oracle’s cloud service automatically generates enforcement actions to be executed by the Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controller (E-SBC).

Call enforcement options include:

  • Blocking during setup
  • Redirecting, such as to investigators or ISRs
  • Terminating in progress

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