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How to Manage an SD-WAN

From centralized controller models and monitoring and analytics to zero-touch provisioning, Oracle SD-WAN makes it fundamentally easier to manage your wide area network (WAN).

Managing an SD-WAN

SD-WAN solutions make it simpler and easier to deploy and manage a WAN:

  • Centralized controller model enables simpler, centralized configuration, orchestration, and policy control, pushing configuration information to WAN appliances
  • Single pane of glass centralized monitoring and analytics correlate detailed WAN and application visibility information across all locations on the WAN
  • Zero-touch provisioning for simpler branch deployment
  • Branch office simplification—single device to manage for SD-WAN, routing, firewall, and WAN optimization
  • Integration with third-party management and reporting tools

WAN and Applications Analytics

Centralized WAN management tools make it easier for administrators to configure, monitor, and analyze the WAN and the performance of their applications and network connections. They offer a single pane of glass for active monitoring of network events, graphical tools for easy configuration, and the ability to configure the entire network, rather than individual appliances. Performance monitoring tools provide administrators with the data needed to identify, isolate, and resolve issues that can affect an application’s performance. These tools can look at a single application connection or can collect data on multiple areas within the same network. Over time, administrators can use the collected data to look for anomalies, prevent issues, and improve the performance of tasks like network capacity planning.

Configuring an SD-WAN

The key advantages of SD-WAN solutions include the availability of graphical tools for easy configuration and the ability to configure the entire network, rather than individual appliances. Good SD-WAN solutions can perform software upgrades to appliance software and apply configuration changes throughout the network without disrupting network traffic or application accessibility. Support for TACACS+ and RADIUS authentication for access management to appliances is important for secure access and integration with third-party identity and management tools.

Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP)

SD-WAN zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) allows devices to be configured and provisioned centrally, with software and configuration downloaded automatically upon physical installation, reducing operational and overhead costs. When appliances are physically installed at a branch location, ZTP automates follow-up steps, including updates to the OS, software version, and configuration prior to connection. This greatly reduces the expertise required of an onsite installer of an SD-WAN appliance, since a factory-delivered device can receive and apply settings without local action once it’s connected to the network.

The central management of devices in an SD-WAN solution is one of the major draws of the architecture, as it enables the deployment of new branch or data center provisions without requiring the costly expert labor traditionally involved with network upgrades.

Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP)


Has your network experienced a WAN brownout?

In the context of WANs, a brownout is an episode of unknown duration where congestion-based packet loss and increases in latency and jitter cause poor application performance.

While most routing and SD-WAN systems properly handle blackouts such as total link, device, or WAN connection failure, a traditional router system and many SD-WAN solutions do nothing in the face of WAN brownouts. When people complain about a slow network, it usually means that they are experiencing an ongoing brownout due to network congestion. While it is easy to tell if a network has experienced a blackout, such as link or device failure, it can be more difficult to know if a network has experienced a brownout, and even harder to address the problem. Thanks to continuous, unidirectional measurement and the ability to make per-packet decisions, a failsafe SD-WAN solution can continue to deliver high quality of experience (QoE) in the face of a WAN brownout through techniques such as packet replication or subsecond switching of application traffic to WAN connections not experiencing brownout conditions.


Network Monitoring

Network monitoring monitors the network for failing or faulty components and gathers performance statistics on an ongoing basis. If an issue is identified, the system can alert the network administrator or other key IT team members, so that the issue can be addressed as soon as possible. Alarms and email notifications can be configured, as well as periodic status reporting. External integration is available via SNMP v1 and v2c, as well as NetFlow v5. Network and application performance monitoring tools provide administrators with the data needed to identify, isolate, and resolve issues that can affect an application’s performance.

For an SD-WAN offering, the types of information monitored and reported include:

  • WAN performance: Packet loss, latency, jitter, bandwidth utilization, and availability for individual WAN links, WAN paths between locations, and the bundle of paths between locations (conduit)
  • Applications performance monitoring: Visibility into various application types, performance, and bandwidth usage by application or application class
  • Quality of service: Loss/latency/jitter statistics for various classes of traffic, such as real-time, interactive, or bulk
  • Bandwidth usage: Usage by WAN link for conduit, intranet, and internet services
  • Appliance status: Appliance-specific system and network statistical reports
Network and application performance monitoring analytics
Oracle SD-WAN

Failsafe SD-WAN Resources

Explore the reports, tools, case studies, and more to help you understand the power of Oracle failsafe SD-WAN.