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SD-WAN Difference

Delivering QoE in a Multicloud World

It can be hard to differentiate one SD-WAN product from another. While all offer some link aggregation, branch simplification, and easier WAN edge management, few can deliver the reliability and application quality of experience (QoE) you want and expect as your traffic shifts to the internet and applications move to the cloud. Oracle knows applications and cloud, and Oracle SD-WAN delivers the unmatched security, reliability, and QoE you need in a multicloud world.

Delivering QoE in a Multicloud World
Failsafe SD-WAN for Mission-Critical Communications

Failsafe SD-WAN for Mission-Critical and Real-Time Communications

  • High network availability and reliability
  • Continuous, unidirectional measurement of all WAN paths
  • Subsecond response to all WAN blackouts and brownouts
  • Intelligent link aggregation for better load balancing
  • Packet replication for platinum-quality, real-time support
  • Inbound Multisource QoS—crucial air traffic control for shared WANs
Deep Dive

Core Components of a Failsafe SD-WAN


Failsafe SD-WAN Technology

Failsafe means high network availability and predictable application QoE, yet few SD-WAN vendors deliver on failsafe. Oracle SD-WAN technology combines continuous, unidirectional measurement and subsecond response, delivering an intent-based network that gets traffic to where it needs to go based on the current performance reality of all WAN paths.


Continuous, Unidirectional Measurement of all Paths

Oracle SD-WAN technology measures every user packet, as opposed to using round-trip test packets. The measurements are unidirectional, not simply round-trip measurements, and measure all possible WAN paths, not just one per WAN link. Oracle SD-WAN knows the current state of packet loss, latency jitter, and bandwidth utilization of the entire multi-WAN fabric between locations.


Subsecond Response

Precise, real-time measurement enables unprecedented WAN visibility and subsecond response to adapt to network issues, including not only hard link/device failures but also the soft outages (brownouts) from network congestion-based packet loss and jitter that frequently occur on a shared WAN. This subsecond response is the critical component that delivers a truly failsafe SD-WAN.


Packet Replications

For real-time communications, Oracle SD-WAN provides even greater flow reliability by optionally replicating traffic flows along a second path, suppressing duplicates at the receiving end, ensuring calls don’t drop and delivering platinum QoE support for real-time or other delay-sensitive flows, even in the event of failures or massive congestion.


Inbound Multisource QoS

TCP was designed to cause packet loss to ensure efficiency and fairness. In a high bandwidth WAN, however, congestion-based loss at the last-mile inbound link can make it impossible to run real-time or delay-sensitive interactive applications over shared Internet links. Building on its continuous unidirectional measurement, Oracle SD-WAN technology performs air- traffic-controller, end-to-end QoS functions to ensure your last mile. inbound links don’t congest and thus can safely support real-time and interactive applications.


SD-WAN Controller (PDF)

Oracle SD-WAN solutions can deliver a first-class travel experience for data packets moving along your network.


High Availability, Fully Redundant Management

The controller may be set up as a high- availability (HA) pair, with active-standby appliances at the primary locations. A second appliance, or high-availability pair, can be designated in a geographically separate location as a backup controller that will take over if a complete failure of the primary NCN pair or its connectivity occurs.


Centralized Policy Functions (PDF)

Oracle’s cost-effective solution delivers critical branch IT services while reducing complexity.

The Right SD-WAN

NSS Labs Announces SD-WAN Test Results

Implementation of an SD-WAN can be a complex process, with multiple factors affecting the overall performance of the device. This report provides insights into deploying the right SD-WAN into the right environment.

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With Oracle SD-WAN Edge, businesses are seeing an increase in capacity, dramatic improvements in reliability, and predictable application quality. Oracle SD-WAN Edge enables businesses to lower costs through aggregation of links to create a hybrid network that delivers better superior performance.