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Automated Service Activation

Converged Activation of Network and IT Services

Oracle Communications ASAP provides a convergent service activation platform that automatically activates services for end customers, enterprises and industrial devices in a heterogeneous, multi-vendor network and IT environment.


  • Simplified service design enables rapid solution assembly and deployment
  • Intuitive tooling to support rapid development and testing of activation cartridges
  • Comprehensive transactional control of activation request processing
  • Sophisticated session and network connection management with high configurability
  • Carrier-grade performance, scalability, and availability
  • Decoupling network topology evolution from upstream OSS and BSS systems for operational flexibility


  • Automate service activation across multiple domains and vendors
  • Rapidly design and deploy new service activation capabilities against new or updated network interfaces
  • Activate low latency services to support on-demand requests and unassisted channels
  • Leverage pre-built activation support for faster design and deployment
  • Minimize errors through automation and flexible error processing
  • Reduce costs with a single converged solution and skill set
  • Eliminate network equipment vendor lock-in with a proven multi-vendor solution