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Oracle Enterprise Telephony Fraud Monitor

Protect Your Business from Telephony Fraud

Fraud incidents can be identified and alerted within a matter of minutes, allowing enterprises to disable users and trunks, either on their Session Border Controllers, application servers, core network elements, or provisioning servers.

  • New and evolving security threats continue to emerge and traditional IP-security products are not enough.

  • Fraud detection analysis based on flexible, customizable rules detects traffic spikes and generates automated policy updates.

  • Fraud Monitor coordinates probe data through the mediation engines to the fraud detection.

  • Fraud Monitor strategy incorporates cloud-based data, analytics, machine learning, and adaptive intelligence.

Fraud Monitor Functionality

Fraud Monitor Functionality

  • Destination-based traffic-spike fraud monitoring
  • Fraud-detection analysis based on flexible rules
  • Import blacklist services available
  • Specific actions can be defined for customizable threshold crossings
  • Automated policy update

Detect Traffic Spikes

Detect Traffic Spikes

  • IRSF and Call Pumping can cause sudden increases in traffic to a single destination number
  • Detect call volumes exceeding thresholds such as aggregate call volume in minutes, relative increase compared to historical data in call minutes, number of concurrent sessions at end of interval, or number of successful call attempts per interval
Security is top Network Challenge
Security is top Network Challenge

Oracle Communications surveyed 277 IT and telecom decision makers at medium and large businesses worldwide to see what their biggest challenges are, and what solutions they believe will help.

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