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Oracle Communications Network Charging and Control

Agile Online Charging for Mobile Brands

An agile online charging system (OCS) for high growth, prepaid-dominant, consumer mobile markets enabling service providers to cost-effectively monetize their brand with interactive mobile offers and innovate with rapid service design.

  • Provides robust functionality to monetize your brand with interactive mobile offers. Integrates with existing BSS and mobile core network infrastructure.

  • Provides an easy and intuitive control plan editor for rapid creation, modification, and validation of interactive mobile services.

  • Helps rapidly design targeted, real-time campaigns to build loyalty and differentiate your brand.

Monetize Prepaid Mobile Services

Monetize Prepaid Mobile Services

  • Agile online charging for mobile voice, messaging, data, and IoT
  • User context-aware charging and control
  • Flexible recharge and targeted real-time promotion management
  • Complete and secure voucher lifecycle management
  • Off-the-shelf service templates for rapid and cost-effective deployments
Video: Aspider-NGI Empowers Customers to Thrive (2:02)

Modern Network Grade Architecture

Modern Network Grade Architecture

  • 3GPP advanced data charging and policy integration (Diameter Gy and Sy)
  • Aligns with the 3GPP policy and charging control (PCC) architecture
  • Comprehensive SS7 Intelligent Network (IN) service control (CAP, INAP, and MAP)
  • Cost-effective performance and scalability
  • Deployed on Oracle Linux (virtualized or bare metal)

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