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Oracle Communications Network Integrity

Trust your Network Data

Ensure optimum network data accuracy with a flexible application for discovery and reconciliation of network assets from network devices and other data sources such as inventory management systems.

  • Oracle Communications Network Integrity scans network data and reconciles discrepancies to keep inventory in sync with live data.

  • Oracle Communications Network Integrity supports flexible and scheduled configuration of discovery scans.

  • Oracle Communications Network Integrity identifies discrepancies and guides users through resolution steps.

Inventory Accuracy

Inventory Accuracy

  • Flexible discovery, assimilation, and reconciliation of network data with inventory systems
  • Sophisticated discrepancy management for automated and GUI-based data network reconciliation
  • Productized discovery support for SNMP, TMF814, TL1, CORBA, XML, and ASCII interfaces
  • Pre-integrated with Oracle Communications Inventory Management solutions
  • SOA-based, JEE-compliant application with extensive web service APIs

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