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Oracle Communications Session Border Controller

Trusted Communications across IP Network Borders

Satisfies all session border control requirements for fixed line, mobile (VoLTE), and OTT service providers, enabling trusted interactive and secure VoIP communications across network borders.

  • Oracle Communications SBCs enables trusted, first-class communications across IP network access borders and IP interconnect borders.

  • Oracle Communications SBCs Net-SAFE security framework protects your network infrastructure, ensuring availability and continuity of service.

  • Available on a range of both purpose-built and virtualized platforms, Oracle Communications Session Border Controller scales to meet all requirements.

  • Oracle Communications SBCs may be clustered with virtualized platforms, increasing agility to meet traffic demands.

Oracle Communications Session Border Controller

Comprehensive Control

  • Unrivaled access and interconnect functions and features
  • Versatile deployment in business and consumer IP communications services
  • Complete implementation of signaling, media, transport, and security protocols
  • Integrated P-CSCF and other 3GPP-compliant IMS functions
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VoIP Logic Mitigates DoS Attacks with Oracle SBCs

David Battaglia, Vice President, Operations, VoIP Logic, discusses the importance of Oracle Communications Session Border Controller security features within their network. (2:05)

MTN Enables VoIP Services with Oracle

Navir Nauru, General Manager, MTN Business, explains how MTN delivers value-added services such as hosted VoIP, unified communications, and SIP trunking using Oracle Communications Session Border Controllers. (2:10)

DoubleHorn Ensures Interoperability with Oracle

Tab Schadt, CEO, DoubleHorn Communications, discusses how Oracle Communications Session Border Controllers helped solve the provider's signaling interoperability challenges. (2:27)

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