Oracle Communications Session Delivery Manager

Maximize Performance and Minimize Errors

Plan, monitor, and optimize network infrastructure elements and their functions with comprehensive tools and applications for real-time fault, configuration, performance, security, and route management.

  • Oracle Communications Session Delivery Manager provides north-bound APIs for integration with higher layer OSS/BSS applications.

  • Oracle Communications Session Delivery Manager automates tedious and error-prone tasks, such as software upgrades, through a workflow engine.

  • Oracle Communications Session Delivery Manager provides a customizable, real-time dashboard for viewing network status at a glance.

Comprehensive Network Management

Comprehensive Network Management

  • Complete network configuration, fault, audit, performance, and security (FCAPS) management
  • At-a-glance, customizable dashboard view for an instant network summary
  • Server clustering for high availability and scalability with automatic load balancing
  • Centralized management for all session delivery infrastructure products
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Key Benefits

Key Benefits

  • Enables efficient deployment, configuration, and upgrades of network elements
  • Integrates with higher layer OSS/BSS applications for advance service fulfillment and assurance
  • Facilitates capacity planning by aggregating and reporting performance data
  • Provides an extensible platform for advanced applications and services

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