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Monetize 5G with a Cloud Native Converged Charging System

5G means doing things differently. Transform the user experience with real-time charging and spend control. Carve out network-slice opportunities. Pioneer B2C, B2B, and B2B2X services and ecosystems. Drive IT principles into the network to unleash cloud native agility. Monetize 5G with Oracle Converged Charging System (CCS) – the 5G-ready cloud native CCS with industry-leading, in-memory data grid technology. Deliver digital innovation and operational excellence, at any scale.

Telenor Asia monetizes fast growing mobile services for 175 million subscribers with cloud native converged charging and revenue management from Oracle.
Converged Charging System Benefits

5G Converged Charging for Hyperscale Service Providers

Oracle Converged Charging System is engineered for the 5G communications era. In a recent cloud native performance test for 50 million subscribers, learn how it supports hyperscale charging operations with single digit latency, efficient resource utilization and linear scalability.

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Oracle Converged Charging System Features

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Prepare for 5G charging demands

Converged Charging System powered by in-memory data grid technology

  • Highly configurable, sophisticated, online and offline converged charging for any service, segment, and payment model
  • Advanced 4G and 5G data session charging with adaptive quota allocation to reduce core network loads
  • Elastic charging grid harnesses Oracle Coherence to enable extreme performance, elastic scalability, and cutting-edge resiliency across charging clusters, processes, and datastores
  • Ensures full session continuity across failures using a multisite, active-active disaster recovery mode across a geographically distributed data grid
  • Compliant with 3GPP Release 15 5G converged charging architecture
  • 5G CHF/CCS and 4G Online Charging System (OCS)
  • Supports both standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) 5G core networks
  • HTTP/2 gateway (Nchf and Nnrf interfaces)
  • Diameter gateway (Gy and Sy interface)
  • SIGTRAN-CAMEL (circuit-switched voice and SMS) supported through Oracle’s Convergent Charging Controller
  • Kafka notification framework, Prometheus and Grafana monitoring metrics support
  • Deployable with Oracle Communications Converged Policy to deliver dynamic policy enabled data plans

Harness IT agility and efficiency

Cloud native deployment option takes advantage of modern compute and infrastructure environments

  • Built on industry-leading data technology (Coherence and Oracle Database), trusted globally for mission-critical business operations
  • Kubernetes-orchestrated containerized multi-service architecture
  • Docker container runtime support
  • Deploy on private clouds behind a firewall or public cloud infrastructure
  • Helm charts simplify installation into a Kubernetes cluster into a Kubernetes cluster
  • Supports industry-standard, cloud native technologies for volume/cluster networking and logging and monitoring
  • Externalized configuration and rich extensibility with support for CI/CD and DevOps workflows
  • Harness Kubernetes to enable simpler upgrades, easy configuration changes, and efficient scaling

Monetize value-based 5G offers

Combine new charging models for the 5G multi-slice future with real-time experiences powered by open APIs

  • Rate any metric or attribute
  • Create personalized offers, plans, bundles, and subscriptions comprising metering, speed tiering, spending limit control, and dynamic sharing/gifting
  • Incorporate pricing metrics aligned to value of communications service provider’s (CSP’s) role in the ecosystem such as content type, IoT device, outcome, uplink/downlink, and slice being used
  • Publish real-time notifications based on triggers such as threshold breaches, spend control, low balance, offer purchases, and lifecycle changes
  • Rich API framework enables integration with customer experience and mobile self-care applications to enable a precise, up-to-date view of all balances, subscriptions, and transaction history
  • Aligned with the following TM Forum Open API compliant REST interfaces: Customer Bill Management API (TMF 678), Account Management API (TMF 666), Prepay Balance Management API (TMF 654), Payment Management API (TMF 676), Usage Management API (TMF 635), and Usage Consumption API (TMF 677)
  • Monetize differentiated offers as part of Oracle’s AI-powered Digital Experience for Communications—a complete concept to care solution enabling CSPs to innovate, engage, and transform

Efficiently manage the entire revenue lifecycle

More than a siloed charging system. Oracle provides integrated billing, invoicing, and revenue management to differentiate your brand, nurture digital commerce, and reduce OPEX

  • TM Forum certified Pricing Design Center allows business users to rapidly design and deploy simple or complex 4G/5G offers and promotions
  • Integration framework and data model support for product catalogs that expose Product Catalog Management Open API (TMF 620)
  • Single, unified solution for B2C, B2B, and B2B2X
  • Support for recurring subscriptions and one-off purchases with flexible contract management to handle the complexities of revenue recognition (ASC606/IFRS15)
  • Partner settlement across complex, multi-party value chains
  • Comprehensive management of collection, account receivables, taxation, and general ledger integration
  • Business Operations Center enables the creation, scheduling, and viewing of results for operations related to billing, payment collection, invoicing, GL reporting, product catalogue synchronization, and refunds
  • Comes with a list of pre-configured and customizable reports including usage and subscription analysis, customer behavior analysis, revenue assurance analysis, and G/L reporting
Business strategy and future business models

Monetizing 5G

It is time to reconsider the fruitless monetization strategies of yesteryear. Learn about new 5G business models, B2B2X marketplaces and the critical role that converged charging plays in monetizing 5G strategies.

Monetizing 5G
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Converged Charging System Insights and Resources


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