Oracle Communications Application Orchestrator

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Provide a complete lifecycle management of virtual and physical functions, eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual network function deployments.

  • Fully aligned with the ETSI NFV framework.

  • Ready for cloud networks.

Service Agility and Flexibility

Service Agility and Flexibility

  • Flexible VNF manager fully aligned with the ETSI NFV framework
  • Automatically provisions virtual devices to meet demand
  • Monitor real-time, device-level KPIs and cloud-performance information for service optimization and troubleshooting
Oracle Communications Network Function Virtualization
Ready for Open Networks
Ready for Open Networks
Open and Flexible Orchestration

Ease of onboarding and deploying VNFs with the Plug-in Development Kit (PDK) and Northbound REST-API interface for interaction with other applications.

Pragmatic Approach to NFV
Pragmatic Approach to NFV
Support of Virtual and Physical NFs

Enhances NFV to manage both PNFs and VNFs separately or together as composite network functions (CNFs) with unmatched flexibility.

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