Oracle Communications Converged Application Server

Converged Web-Telecom Applications

The industry's most widely used IMS-compliant application server lowers the cost and time of developing and deploying powerful applications for communication service providers, enterprises, and contact centers.

  • A functional overview of Oracle Communications Converged Application Server.

  • Converged container-developer platform supporting modern tools such as Eclipse and programming techniques based on Java 8 (POJOs, Annotations, CDI).

  • Extreme high performance and carrier-grade availability using cutting-edge Oracle Coherence in-memory data grid technology.

Enable New Business Models

Enable New Business Models

  • Establishes a services-layer foundation and scalable growth infrastructure
  • Increase revenue and maximize profitability of new and existing converged-IP services
  • Extends unified communications and contact center features to enterprise applications
  • Virtual network function (VNF) compliance with network function virtualization (NFV)

Cutting-Edge Technology

Cutting-Edge Technology

  • SIP Servlet 2.0 built on Java EE 7 IMS application container with optimal POJO and CDI interfaces
  • 3GPP ISC (SIP), Sh/Ro/Rf (Diameter), web sockets, JSON, XML, JAX, and JMS interfaces
  • Extreme high performance using Oracle Coherence in-memory data grid technology
  • Carrier-grade availability with geographic, redundant session replication and tiered clustering

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